Wuhan’s Must-Try Morning Snacks

Dry Special Beef Noodles

Dry Special Beef Noodles ©~MVI~(warped)/flickr

The most popular breakfast in Wuhan is the snack specialties. The tops are dry noodles, four season soup dumplings and tofu strips. If you like cooking or eating, please read my article.

I collect the best dishes and places where to eat it. I hope that you will read my article and you will taste the Chinese foods. The first which I want to show you is the dry noodles, which is the most famous dish in Wuhan for breakfast. You can’t miss it!…





Dry Noodles

Dry Special Beef Noodles

Dry Special Beef Noodles ©~MVI~(warped)

Cailinji Dry Noodle House – Hubugang Branch

Add: T1-5 Hubugang, Simenkou, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Tel: 027 8884 1196
Opening hours: 6:30-20:30, Weekends: 6:30-21:30
Price: 6 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 14, 19, 515, 521, 529, 530, 530 572, 573 or 804 to Minzhu Lu, Simenkou Station



The most well-known breakfast in Wuhan is the dry noodles. These are cold and soup noodles. The noodles are fresh and tasty. Most of Chinese people eat it for dinner as well.



Three Ingredient Tofu Strips

Tofu and pepper

Tofu and pepper ©flavorrelish/flickr

Laotong Cheng Tofu Strips – Longyang Dadao Wuhan Mall Branch
Add: B1 Building, Wuhan Mall (Mo’er Cheng), 6 Longyang Dadao, Wangjiawan, Hanyang District, Wuhan
Tel: 159 0270 9602
Opening hours: 7:30-20:30
Price: 10 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 208 or 597 to Longyang Dadao, Wuhan Mall


The Three Ingredient Tofu Strips are a typically food in Chinese festivals. It is very tasty with green beans and pork chunks. The Chinese people enjoy the fresh dish every year.


Four Season Soup Dumplings

Soup Dumpling

Soup Dumpling ©tedmurphy/flickr

Four Seasons Soup Dumpling – Shouyiyuan Branch
Add: Inside Shouyiyuan, 232 Changpeng Liuyang Lu, Wuchang district, Wuhan
Price: 16 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 61, 222, 413, 561, 584, 590, 596, 608, 701, 710, 715, 728, 806 or 905 to Yuemachang


The Four Season Soup Dumplings are similar to Suzhou’s dumplings. It is the best thing in the morning to eat tender meat, and hot soup.


Simmering Soup

Slow simmered soup

Slow simmered soup ©roland/flickr

The Small Peach Garden Hotel
Add: 50 Lanling Lu, Hankou Shengli Jie, Jiang’An District, Wuhan (Near Wuhan’s Cyberport)
Tel: 027 8277 8188
Opening hours: 9:30-20:30
Price: 35 RMB
Getting there: 1, 7, 24, 38, 520, 526, 548, 559, 581, 588, 608, 707, 711, 727, 801, or 7


The Simmering Soup is the best dish in at the Small Peach Garden Hotel. The hotel opened in 1946 and has all types of crock chicken soup, duck soup,  pork rib soup and beef soup. The crock chicken soup is the most popular dish in Wuhan.




Doughnuts ©kckellner/flickr

Gold and Silver Wrapped Doughnuts
Add: Hubugang Snack Street, Ziyou Lu, Wuchang District, Wuhan (Near Zhonghua Lu)
Price: 2 RMB
Getting there: 14, 18, 19, 25, 521, 529, 572, 607 or 916 to Zhonghua Lu


The Dougnut is hot and  dusted with sugar. It is one of the best foods in Wuhan. You can’t miss it!  It is made from rice meal.

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