Top4 Suitable Lakes for Fishing in China


Fish ©dnyluong/flickr

This article shows you the best fishing spots in China.  Fishing can be an enjoyment and you can watch the beautiful sceneries of the lakes.

If you want a more interesting trip please read my article and go to fishing. I recommended you the top4 lakes for enjoying fishing in China…




Taihu Lake

Tai lake

Tai lake ©Jin Qu/flickr


The Taihu Lake is located in the Yangtze Delta in Eastern China. It is a large lake on the border of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. It is famous because it is the third largest freshwater lake in China. International Fishing Center of Taihu Lake  held fishing festivals in each year.

On October 10th, hundreds of people came to enjoy fishing and fishing enthusiasts . There are many famous attractions around the lake: Mei Yuan, Su Shi and so on.



Qiandao Lake


Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake ©vikkies/flickr


The Qiandao Lake is located in  Chun’an County, China. It is a man-made lake and famous about drinkable water, clear and it is the home of many forests (over 90%). There are many popular attractions: Island to Remind You of Your Childhood,  Bird Island, Lock Island  and Snake Island.

It is also famous about fresh fish. More than 85 kinds of fish are there. If you like the animals it is the best place for you, because it is rich with wild animals in the great forest. This lake is the freshwater fish center of China.



Yangcheng Lake

Yangcheng Lake

Yangcheng Lake ©livepine/flickr


This lake is famous about the clear water and  aquatic produces Chinese mitten crabs. It is about 3 kilometres and located in Suzhou. It crosses boundary Kunshan, Changsu and Suzhou and located between the Yangtze River and Lake Tai. It is a good place for fishing.



The Hulun Lake

Wild ducks-

Wild ducks ©Kazuhiro Keino/flickr


The Hulun Lake is the five largest fresh water lakes in China and known as Dalai Lake to local people. It is rich with fish, wild animals and waterfowl. This lake is home to over 200 migrated wild ducks, bird species, gulls and cranes. The top thing to do is relax, swim, watch the animals and take a boat out to fish.

There are many kinds of fish:  rare white shrimp, carp, catfish and crucian carp. The Hulun lake is very famous about the few treasure houses of birds, which is very rare in the world. The visitors can enjoy the fishing, the various fish dishes and how the local people catch fish under the ice. You can’t miss it! It is very interesting.

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