Top China Winter Destinations


Winter in China ©RussBowling/flickr

Many tourists don’t know that China is one of the most spectacular winter destinations all over the world. The visitors can choose in the various activities: ski slopes, snowboard, shopping paradise. But there are amazing beaches where you can escape the winter entirely.

The aim of this article to know the top China winter destinations and I hope that it will inspire you to choose China for your winter trip. The list below the benefits of travelling in China’s low season and give you a description what can you see or fun to do in China during the winter.


China Ski Resorts

Yalong Ski

Yabuli Ski Resort ©Ski China/flickr


The Ski is the best activity in winter. Many tourists visit in China in winter season: Americans, British, Australian because there are many Ski resorts. The ski resorts are region around Beijing and Northeast China. However, in China are a few resorts in West China (Xiling Ski Resort). The best ski resort in China is the Yabuli. The Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in China and it is the main training base for the Chinese ski team.

The Yabuli’s winter weather is resulting in the best snow place in China. The average temperature in winter is 10 degrees below 0. The Ski season is from the middle of November and the ends of March. The best activities in Yabuli: the snowboard, toboggan run, snowmobile and skating rink.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Ice And Snow Festival

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival ©zieak/flickr


The Ice and Snow Festival take place in Harbin (the northeastern section of China). The festival held in Zhaolin Park from Januar 5th until the end of February. The festival is very famous because the whole park is changing in the world of lantern and ice sculptures.

The ice sculptures reminds motif in legends, various animals, plants and amazing buildings. During the festival becomes the stage to present some of the most beautiful ice carving from all over the world.


Seaside Winter Escape In Hainan Island

Hainan Island

Hainan Island ©


Hainan Island is same as Hawaii or Caribbean. The Hainan Island is the best tropical oasis (sun, water, beaches) to escape the winter. It is the best holiday resort with golden beaches, waves and sea. The China’s best beaches are located in Putuo, Beihai, Xiamen, Sanya and Beihide.

The visitors can relax and enjoyed the beach scenery. The Hainan Island weather in winter is not too cold. The weather in January-February is 16-24°. So, if you want a tropical trip in winter, it is the best choice.

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