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If you are in China, you want to buy something for your loved once. But you don’t know where and what you can buy. The aim of this article to introduce the top China Shopping Paradise where the visitors can enjoy their buying experience in the country. The products in China are low price and good quality.

In this way, China is one of the most attractive shopping destinations with modern shopping malls, popular supermarket and various stores. I hope that you will not leave empty-handed during your China Tours….




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Shanghai is a shopping Paradise with a lot of commercial streets and shopping centers. The shopping malls are the most fashionable stores in the country and located in commercial centers. The Super Brand Mall is the most influential business center in the city which is located in Pudong’s Lujiazui Area.

The Super Brand Mall is a huge shopping complex with hundreds of shops including 70 cafes and restaurants. It’s true that this is the oldest business center in Shanghai but one of the best malls. So, if you are in Shanghai you can’t miss it. The Super Brand Mall is one of the most visited malls but there are others: Grand Gateway, Citic Square, Times Square, Plaza 66, Metro City.





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The Beijing capital city is a home for many famous shopping centers, stores and malls. The Shin Kong Place is a Taiwanese store with over 900 international brands. It is contain the largest Gucci flagship store. There are a lot of good restaurants in the mall such as cafe shops, Taiwanese dumplings. It is open from Monday to Sunday.

The Shin Kong Place is one of the most visited malls in Beijing, but there are others: Beijing Yintai Center, Solana-Lifestyle Shopping Mall, The Place, Jinyuan Yansha Shopping Mall and Oriental Plaza where you can buy whatever you want.




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Guangzhou is a financial center, export center and administrative center in Guangdong Province. Guangzhou is famous for clothes business which is very vibrant. There are many clothes markets. The well-known clothes markets are:

  • Baima Market– located opposite of the Guangzhou Railway Station and it is one of the best ones
  • Tianma– it is famous for brand clothes
  • Xindadi- it is mainly a sales woolen sweaters and cardigans
  • Zhanxi– it is a shopping street with various markets
  • Hongmian Bubugao- which is famous for woman’s clothing


Naturally, there are many other malls, stores where you can buy whatever you want. For example, there are many shoe stores in which the prices are low over 150 to 200 RMB (about 20 or 30 USD) for a pair of shoes. The Beijing Road is hundreds of meters long which is crammed full of shops. It is one of the most significant parts of the city but there are others: Mouse Street Shopping Center and Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. So, save your money and let’s go!:)


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