Top 5 Weirdest Chinese Dishes

photo by Augapfel

The culture of China is as colorful as its vast land. And their way of life, religion and customs are reflected in their cuisine too. The choice of dishes they prepare are all considered in a way healthful. However seeing what kind of dishes they prepare, one would question their healthy attributes, even if according to their beliefs these dishes somehow contribute to a better and healthier life. The following top 5 weirdest Chinese dishes I write you about will definitely turn your head, especially after knowing that they have all notorious aphrodisiac properties.

Snake Breast Meat

photo by Poco a poco

The dish that you find under the name ‘dragon meat’ in Chinese menus is said to increase energy and stealth. Some restaurants prepare these dishes right in front of the customer’s eyes, though I don’t believe this would make it the most appetizing dish.

Adding to that, snake blood, especially from venomous ones, is a high-prized product believed to raise the libido. The drinks prepared using this ingredient is known as a kind of alcoholic beverage resembling the Western wine.

Thousand-Year-Old Egg

This Guangdong specialty is maybe one of the most famous Chinese dishes. Though the eggs, mostly duck, that are prepared are not really a thousand years old, they do have a few months antiquity. The insides of the eggs have a gelatinous texture with a yellow turned greenish and a particular strong smell.

Tiger Penis

Another kind of unusual dish is the tiger penis, which though sounds a bit gross, tastes like chicken or pork. Although this animal body part is illegal, you can find them in black markets for a reasonable price. It is said that the dish increases the sexual stimulation, thus it is a favorite aphrodisiac among men fighting with impotency.

Birds Nest Soup

photo by n3rraD

One of the most expensive animal-based product that is considered to stimulates the libido is the Birds Nest Soup, which is literally the edible nest of swifts (a type of bird) made from their saliva. Even if for westerners it doesn’t seem so appetizing, in Asia the dish is a super-expensive delicacy, only  available for the upper class because it costs so much, but it is really popular and considered to be very tasty I am not sure I would be able to eat it, it seems too extreme for my European stomach, but who knows, maybe after a couple of drinks…

Shark Fin Soup

The only dish among the listed ones which doesn’t particularly has healthy attributes is the shark fin soup. It is a very expensive delicacy due to its original association with emperor favorite dishes. Nowadays it is a basic menu fixture on weddings and graduations.

These top 5 weirdest Chinese dishes are not the only ones with unusual particulars; dog and cat meat, insects and animal insides are also among the favorites in menus. You can decide for yourself if these dishes are worth the courage to try them out, many of them can have quite a good taste.


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