Top 5 Things to Do in Beijing at Night

Beijing at night

Beijing at night ©alistairas/flickr

What can I do in Beijing at night? This is the usual question. The answer is simple because Beijing is one of the most visited cities in China and there are a lot of various places. Millions of visitors want to see the China’s capital, because the nightlife of the city is exciting. Beijing at night is plentiful with many attractions and it is principally for the young people entertainment with amazing bars, clubs, restaurants where they can spend the time.

I can help you arrange your sightseeing tour. Please, scroll down and you can find the top 5 things to do in Beijing at night.



Beijing Night Shopping


Beijing night market ©firepile/flickr


The Wangfujing Street is one of the best choices to go shopping in the evening and the shops are closed at around 22:00. Close to the Wangfujing Street, the Donghuamen Night Market is the best place to hang out with your friends.

The market sells various exotic snack foods: baby quails, sea horses, little sparrows which are very delicious. There are also edible ones, such as kebabs, herbal, and fried noodles, which are rather cheap too.

Reflexology-foot massage


Foot massage ©chenines/flickr


If you will travel in China you can try the foot massage because this is a traditional Chinese characteristic. Washing your feet in a foot massage studio is a trendy thing in Beijing. In the city are over 26,000 massage center and the greatest one is the Liangzi Foot Body Massage Center. The Liangzi Massage Center is clean and cozy. You can find on the wall a lot of pictures about the organs: lung, liver, bladder. The foot massage is very healthcare: the feet are soaked in a torrid bath infused with special herbs. The massage can help people to relax and enhances your health.



Sanlitun Bar Street


Drink ©Alan, Lizixiang!/flickr


The Salitum Bar Street is the one of the most famous bar streets in Beijing, because the first bar opened here in 1982. In this area are the largest bars and main bars of the city. The street stands opposite to the west of the Worker’s Stadium. The Salitum bar street is very popular for the young man, whom wants to blow off steam, drink and party.




Chaoyang Park ©Drnantu/flickr


The Solana Shopping Park is similar than a small town coming from the European part by air. It is perfectly passable with the natural landscape and commercial civilization. The Solana is a fantastic environment shopping park with three sides: the north of Landmark Lake and the east and south from Chaoyang Park.

This wonderful building is in the Beijing city centre. Solana houses contain many shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.


Chang’An Avenue


Chang’An Avenue ©dps/flickr


Chang’An Avenue is the most famous street in China, because it is the longest and one of the most significant streets in the world. The street is 46 kilometers long and runs through of the city, right across Xidan, Jianguomen, Fuxingmen, Wangfujing, Gongzhufen and Tian’anmen.

Beijing as a central axis of the city starting in the west Xidan Distinct and in the east Dongdan Distinct. Many famous buildings (government and icon-style) are located this famous avenue: Great Hall of the People, Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts and the China World Trade Center.

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