Top 4 nightclubs in Beijing


Cargo Club in Beijing ©clurr/flickr

China traveling is very interesting: difficult language, crazy foods and huge culture shock so you want to find a place to kick back and forget all the chaos. The parties there are similar costs than other part of the world. The clubs in Beijing have an extremely active nightlife scene all over the world. This is your guide to the top 4 discos in Beijing and a good nightlife experience. The visitor can find here all kinds of music from normal club to jazz, house, hip-hop or other clubs.

I am happy to help which place is the best for a wonderful party. China’s capital city has hundreds of nightclubs so it was very hard to collect the top 4 nightclubs in Beijing


Passion Club in Beijing



Nightclub laser show ©clurr/flickr


The Passion Club is one of the most luxurious nightclubs in Beijing and located next to the Sheraton Great Wall Hotel. When you compared to the other disco, Passion Club is very expensive, the average cost is RMB1500. International DJs and color laser show entertained the guest. The address is F1,The Western Hall of Great Wall Hotel, No.10, Dongsanhuan North Rd, Chaoyang district. The club is open at 8:00pm-2:00am.


Propaganda Club



Laser in Club James At Uni/flickr


Propaganda Club is the favorite place for the younger generation, because the drink is cheap and the dance floor is huge. Propaganda is an excellent place but is difficult to move because there are a lot of students. Propaganda club has promotions on Thursday and on Wednesday when the drink is unlimited and fees are cheaper for the gentleman: 150 RMB; lady: 30 RMB, but on the other days the average costs are RMB200/person. The club is open at 8:00pm-4:00am. The address is 100m North of Huaqingjiayuan East gate, Wudaokou, Haidian district.


Obiwan Club



Laser show James At ©Uni/flickr


Obiwan Club is one of the best places in Beijing with a lot of friendly people and beautiful girls. There are free foods, with cheap but good drinks and on every Wednesday are free movie broadcast with unlimited beers. The club is a very good place, on the first floor is a dance pool and the upper stairs is an amazing restaurant. On the second floor the guests can watch movies. The Obiwana club is the best place to stay all afternoon. During at the day the club is a bistro with a good atmosphere but at night is a chilled bar with a small but intimate room where the guests can feel themselves very good.

The average cost is RMB500 and the address is Address: No.4, Xihai Xiyan, Xicheng District (300m from the Jishuitan subway station). The club Obiwan is open at 2:00pm to 2am on weekdays and at 2:00pm till late on weekends.


Bling Club


Hip hop

Hip-hop music ©raremusicvideo1/flickr


Bling Club is located in Solana #5-1, No.6 Chaoyang Park Road, Chaoyang district, around the Workers’ Stadium. This disco is the best venue for the Hip Hop lovers, because the major theme is this type of music. There used to be dancing competition so if you want to try it, do it on every Wednesday.

The DJ is well experienced and the lighting system is wonderful. Bling is a new hip-hop disco which brings a new style in Beijing clubs. There are 26 VIP tables inside and outside or there are more private areas in the cocktail bar. The average cost is RMB500 and it is open all day.




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