Top 4 bars in Wuhan


Wuhan ©toehk/flickr

The Wuhan bars are the most unique bars in China. After work, people invite their friends in a pub or bar to spend the time. The Wuhan nightlife is interesting and very attractive.

There are so many kinds of bars including the rock to popular. I collect the best bars in Wuhan where after your tour, you can enjoy the leisure time with your friends and family….


Prison Bar (Folk Hand Music Bar)


Cocktails ©mountainhiker/flickr

Add: 1F, Guoguang Hotel, Luxiang Lumo Lu, Wuchang District, Wuhan
Tel: 13100673537
Opening hours: 21:00-02:00


This bar is a small and the most popular music is the metal music. There are many drunk people who are like to speak with the tourists. The typical beer starting at around 5 RMB.

This is the most recommended pubs for the tourists because they can learn about the Chinese punk albums and  BBQ. There are held festivals with live acts and bands performing at VOX. If you want to listen metal music and drink, why not visit Prison Bar.



Blue Sky Cafe

Strongbow cidder

Strongbow ©cidder gray_um/flickr

Add: 735 Jiefang Avenue, Hankou District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8575 9937, 027 8580 7466
Opening hours: 22:00–02:00


The Blue Sky Cafe is very famous in Wuhan about its environment. The visitors can taste all kinds of foods including the Western style foods, Mexican fajitas, Turkish shawarmasheds and Australian  diners. All day they serve special fish dishes, goose and wines from France. The deserts are very good. I recommended you the pancakes a la Francaise.

The location is clear and excellent. The prices are acceptable, for a dinner and a few drinks are 100 to 200 RMB.  The happy hour is from 24:00 to 01:00 when you can buy one, get one free. So, you can invite your friend. This pub is  a great place to go for New Years, because you can drink and dancing. Just a tip, if you want to visit get their early most evenings, because seats are limited.


Helen’s Cafe

Yan Jing Beer

Yan Jing Beer ©Mountain/Ash/flickr

Add: 8 Zuodaoquan Beilu, Hongshan District, Wuhan

Tel: 027 8786 7179
Opening hours: 22:00-02:00


The Helen Cafe is not just a great place, it’s a great place to learn about the Chinese culture: the Tujia. In the pub everything is made by hand. The people admire the natural beauty of the decorations.

There is a museum which serves beer. The staff are very friendly and they will become your friend. I recommend you to check it in your China tour. 


The Student Bar

Wuhan University Library

Wuhan University Library ©Veteran Traveler/flickr


The student bars are very visited because the young generation can sing karaoke in the lobby and plus bottled beers, soft drinks and cocktails at lower prices.

It is located around the Wuhan University. The prices are low: 20RMB /p.p.


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