Top 3 Parks of Chengdu

Renmin Park

Renmin Park ©gill_penney/flickr

Chengdu’s parks are a very good experience for the visitors and it is one of the most populous attractions of the city. The parks are famous its natural beauty but they are able to find people to dance, exercising, singing and practicing Chinese calligraphy.

Many of these parks contain tea houses, paddle boats, gardens, mini-amusement parks and historical/cultural items on display. Chengdu parks are the best trip to escape of the daily life into a new world. I collect the top 3 parks of Chengdu and hope that you will like it…



Renmin Park (People’s Park)

Renmim Park

Renmim Park ©gill_penney/flickr

Location: 12 Shaocheng Road, Qingyang District

opening time:  from 6.30 am to 2 am

The Renmin Park or we are as known people’s park is a typical Chinese park and situated in Jinhe Lu. Many people enjoying the park, where the tourists can relax and drinking tea. Renmin Park is a nice place a children’s funfair and monument for parties. These are situated around an amazing lake where the visitor can admire the boating on the pond and sunshine.

The best time to visit is in the afternoon when many Chinese people do many populous things: do Tai Chi, dance and sing and  play cards. This is a very beautiful park, there are many trees, a lake which is full with fish and where you can ride boat. I suggest you to travel to Chengdu. It’s really nice!


River Viewing Pavilion (Wangjianglou)

Bamboo trees

Bamboo trees ©Sam Howzit/flickr


Location: 300 Wangjiang Street, Wuhou District

Opening Time: Cultural Relics Area: 8:00 — 18:00, Open Area: 6:00 — 21:00


The River Viewing Pavilion is an island of more than 100 varieties of bamboo. The Wangjiang Pavilion Park is located in Wuhou District near Jiangjiang River out of the Eastern Gate. Along the river, there are many activities: amusement park, tea houses and fishing area.

The tea houses are unique styles and are long histories. The houses serve all kinds of businesses. In the park are services of picking ears, massage and polishing shoes. The visitors can buy a watermelon and peanuts as well.

Chengdu Culture Park

Chengdu tea

Chengdu tea ©mckaysavage/flickr


Location: 23 Qingtai Road, Qingyang District

The opening hours: 8:30 – 18:00.

The culture park is symbolizing the Chinese traditions. It is the home of the Sichuan Opera which is starting at at 8 pm. The Sichuan opera is one of the major opera in China. The actors wear colorful clothes, masks, singing in solo and change the music from quiet to dramatic. The tourist can try the Sichuan tea, can enjoy the actual parties.

The park takes place for the Lantern Festival, art and photography displays and the flower carnival. The culture park is located near to Quingyang Palace which is one of the most significant buildings.

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