Top 3 must see attractions in Shanghai

Shanghai city

Shanghai sights ©wing1990hk/flickr

Shanghai is the most populous and global city in China, with influence in fashion, technology, media, culture and finance. Shanghai attractions are extensive and interesting. If you visit the city on your next holiday, here are some of the most well known sights, hope you will like the article and put them on your wishlist right away.

Shanghai is famous for being home  to over 150 parks as well as gardens, resorts, religious buildings and many museums. So, here are the top 3 must see attractions in Shanghai.

Jade Buddha Temple-in Shanghai City

Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai ©matslina/flickr


The Jade Buddha Temple was built between 1911 and 1918, in the style of the Song Dynasty. The temple is active with 70 resident monks who live and work there. The main feature of this building is that it has symmetrical courtyards, halls and yellow walls on the outside, but inside, the centerpiece is the white jade Buddha, which is 190 centimeters tall and weights 3 tonnes.


Jade Buddha

Jade Buddha ©lyng883/flickr


The story about the Jade Buddha Temple is not very long: the two Buddha statues were imported to Shanghai after a monk brought them from Burma in 1882. The temple is a perfect place (whether you are a Buddhist or not) for a peaceful and transcendent atmosphere where you can admire the various cultural relics and porcelain artworks.

 Yuyuan Garden-in Anren Jie, Shanghai


Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden ©Bernt Rostad/flickr

The Yuyuan Garden finished in 1557 by a government officer named Pan Yunduan who specially built it for his old parents. The Yuyuan Garden is the largest ancient garden in Anren Jie with an amazing architectural style. There are six main areas, each with its own style:

  • Inner Garden – towers, pavilions, rocks, ponds and flower walls
  • Dianchun Hall – it was built in 1820 and includes the Ancient Well Pavilion, Relic Hall and Hexu Hall
  • Wanhua Chamber – there are two old trees, one, the maidenhair, is 21 meters tall and was planted 400 years ago
  • Yuhua Hall – the place of the  three famous rocks (Suzhou, Hangzhou and Yangtze River)
  • Huijing Hall – elegant place with a lot of beautiful flowers
  • Sansui Hall – includes the Grand Rockery, it is made of stone, cliffs and winding caves

The most renown sights are in the center of the garden, it is named the Grand Rockery. Visitors can find curio shops in the Cuixiu Hall, in front of the Grand Rockery. Near the garden is the City God Temple which is a traditional district, there are approximately 100 stores and shops in that area.


The Bund-or Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu


The Bund

The Bund in Shanghai ©virtualDavis/flickr


The Bund is the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years. It is the most famous sight in the city because there the visitors can see many different architectural styles.

On the West side of the Bund are 26 various buildings of different architectural style such as Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Classicism, Romanesque and Art Deco. The old buildings still carry the atmosphere of prosperity from the old Shanghai.


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