Top 3 Historical Cities in China

Historical City

Old City in China ©lyng883/flickr

Every city has a history, but China’s cities of more than 5000 years are the most famous tourist destination all over the world. If you are interested in the Chinese past and magnificent dynasties, you can plan some amazing things to see on your trip.

Which are the most beautiful historical cities in China? Here is a list with the top 3 historical cities in China. You can explore the China’s major cities with the greatest historical interest.


Nanjing Old City

Nanjang City

Nanjing City ©redlight_press/flickr


Nanjing or Ning is the capital of Jiangsu province in Eastern China and is located in Yangtze River Delta. Nanjing is an age-old city which was civilized by farmers over 6000 years ago. Nanjing means the “Southern Capital” because is a city of big empires and the city of modern government. The historical attractions in the city are Confucius Temple, Sun Yatsen’s Mausoleum and Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang’s Tomb. The best touring activities in Nanjing are:

1. You can see the sights

2. Learn about the history of Nanjing

3. Go on a Yangtze River and tour the area by boat

In the past, it was the biggest city in China and now it is a city about 8 million people. The best time to visit is the months of May and September, October, November when the weather is good and warm.




Luoyang Old City

Luoyang City ©Renato Ganoza/flickr


Luoyang is a city of Central China and the prefecture-level city in western Henan province. It is a capital for nine dynasties over 1,500 years. In Luoyang, the visitors can find the Statue of the Duke  of Zhou, the Museum of Louyang Eastern Zhou Royal Horse and the White Horse Temple which is the first Buddhist Temple in China.

During the Tang Dynasty, Luoyang was the “Eastern Capital” with a population of one million. In the period of the Song Dynasty, the city was the birthplace of Zhao Kuangyin. It is a home of the most important philosophers. Luoyang is one of well-known historical cities in China and the best choice to visit it.


 Anyang Travel Guide


Anyang old city

Anyang City ©yong27/flickr


Anyang City has a history over 3000 years and is located in Henan Province near the border of Shanxi Province. The city was the last capital of the Shang Dynasty (BCE 1700-1027). It is a home many historical attractions such as Tianning Temple and Yinxu Museum. The tourist will find primitive caves about  25,000 years ago and various memorial buildings.

Anyang is the must-see for tourists because they can know the ancient China’s history, culture and plenty relics. The best time to visit the city is in autumn and spring when the weather is pleasant. So, you can explore the  China’s earliest civilization on Chinese Wanderer’ Anyang tours.


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