Top 3 China Festivals in September

Fashion Festival, China

Fashion Festival, China ©SoniaT 360./flickr

In this article I will show you the top 3 China festivals in September. Thousand of people travel to China in this period, because many significant festivals take place here. The month of September is the beginning of autumn.

The weather is colder but is good for travel. I hope that you will like my presentation and you will visit with one of them. The first festival which I want to present is the Dalian International Fashion Festival….


Dalian International Fashion Festival


Date: Early September

Location: Dalian, Liaoning Province


Fashion Festival, China

Fashion Festival, China ©SoniaT 360./flickr


The Dalian International Fashion Festival is the largest and the most significant international fashion culture in China. Over 20 country merchants every year. During the festival International Fashion Expo, Famous Fashion Designers’ Works Show, Youth Fashion Design Competition and large evening parties are attracted to guests.

After the opening ceremony, the carnival is held on the square. The visitors can see there many stars according to their skill. On the second day, attract not only other provinces, but local people as well can show their self-made clothes on the ramp.


Chengdu International Automobile Fair



BMW ©jarapet/flickr

Celebrated: Sep. 18, 2013 to Sep. 24, 2013

Location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Venue: Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center
The Chengdu International Automobile Fair is one of the most influential automobile fairs in western China and one of the most popular trade fair in China’s automotive sector. The show attracts 300 exhibitors and 77 auto brands.

Not only amazing cars are there, but scantily clad female models showing the cars and motors. Over 2000 journalists, 410,000 audiences stand at the festival. The aim of this festival to develop the car industry and trade with other countries. It is the best place for car-lovers.


Xian Ancient Culture Art Festival


Date: September (lasting for 7 days)

Location: Xian, Shaanxi Province



City Walls ©Ray Devlin/flickr


Xian city is full of unique cultural expressions and one of the four ancient capitals in the world. The Ancient Culture Art Festival is a large carnival to the world people. This festival is very rich and colorful with many activities: local people dancing in the streets and Xian people beat drum and gong to celebrate.

The Xian’s history is displayed in the performance by famous actors. In the evenings, amazing firework dazzles the visitors’ eyes. The tourists can admire the material arts and during the evenings, many activities are held in the City Wall. The travelers can also taste the local foods, snacks and various delicious foods.



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