Top 3 China Festivals in October

Shanghai Firework

Shanghai Firework ©Soctech/flickr

Traditionally the Chinese use the lunar calendar to held their festivals and these festivals are based on the Gregorian calendar. The parties there are very famous and exciting to the tourists. The aim of this article to argument: why it is October the best month to travel to China?

I show you the top 3 China festivals in October and I hope that you will like it and you will visit with one of them. The first which I want to present is the Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival….



Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival

Shanghai Firework

Shanghai Firework ©Soctech/flickr


Celebrated: Sep. 30, 2013 to Oct. 06, 2013

Location: Shanghai

Transportation: Metro Line NO.2, Century Park Station Bus NO. 777、794、640、983、788、637、983、746


Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival is held on National Day in Century Park. The Century Park is the most natural city park in Shanghai. The festival is the most influential events in China and it is developing the cultural tourism.

The Music fireworks festival is a good experience with the visual arts and modern technology. It is perfectly combines music, colors, rhythm and pictures which make audio and visual impressive.


Guangzhou International Food Festival


Maguro-don ©Kanko*/flickr

Celebrated: Sep. 2013

Location: Guangzhou


The Guangzhou International Food Festival is one of the four major cuisine systems in China. In the festival, the travelers can taste over a hundred styles of choice dishes and these foods are offered by local hotels and restaurants.

The festival combined commerce, dining and entertainment. The Guangzhou International Food Festival has developed into an international folk festival which is attracting businessman and tourist. The aim of this festival to give experience to the travelers about cooking skills.

The Double Ninth Festival- Chongyang Festival


Chongyang City Firework

Chongyang City Firework ©livepine/flickr


Celebrated: Oct. 13, 2013 to Oct. 13, 2013



The Double Ninth Festival or Senior Citizens’ Festival is held on the ninth day of October. The people held many activities there: enjoying the chrysanthemum, drinking chrysanthemum wine, inserting Zhuyu and eating Chongyang cakes.

On this traditional Chinese holiday, whole extended families clean the graves of their ancestors and they are eating fruit and roast suckling pig. The Chongyang Cake is also a popular food which made with rice flour and decorated with chestnut (some species called chinkapin). 


I show you an often-quoted poem about the holiday in English:


“On the ninth day of the ninth month, I remember my brothers from Shan Dong.

As a lonely stranger in a foreign land,

At every holiday my homesickness increases.

Far away, I know my brothers have reached the peak;

They are planting flowers, but one is not present.”

(- “Double Ninth, Missing My Shandong Brothers” — Wang Wei , Tang Dynasty)


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