Top 3 China Festivals in May

Watermelon Festival

Watermelon Festival in China ©Crossroads Foundation Photos/flickr

May is the most beautiful month and the best time to visit to China. Chinese people celebrate many festivals during a year. In May are a lot of famous festivals and I collect the popular ones to visit.

So, you look the top 3 China Festivals in May. The festivals in May are most joyful and celebratory events in China. My article shows you everything you need to know about the festivals in this month. The festivals in this period are crazy, fun and full of tradition and culture. You can get a first-hand look at the Chinese history and festive occasions. 


 Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival

Tea China

Tea Festival in China ©paularps/flickr


Date: May. 16, 2013 to May. 19, 2013

Location: Shanghai

The Shanghai International Tea festival has been celebrated since 1994. It is a famous cultural event in Shanghai and has attracted many visitors from other countries. The festival has an international fame for the Chinese national specialty. The aim of this festival “to making friends with tea and expressing emotion with tea”.

The tea festival contains many great activities which related to the tea culture. The festival activities are very interesting included the tea art talks, trade fair, famous tea appraisals, star-rated tea house appraisals, a tea set auction, a tea culture seminar and other excited activities. It is the best place for tea lovers.

Beijing Daxing Watermelon Festival

Watermelon Festival

Watermelon Festival ©Crossroads Foundation Photoes/flickr


Date:  May. 28, 2013 to May. 28, 2013

Location: in Beijing


The unique culture of Daxing District has a long history. The watermelon planting is very popular in China. In 1988, the principal leaders registered the festival and made a resolution that the watermelon festival held on May 28 in each year.

The festival reflects the business opportunities and establishing an image through culture. During the watermelon, festival many activities held: melon challenge competition, performance shows, tourism, trade, fairs and  so on.


Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon

Great Wall Maraton

Huangyaguan Great Wall ©NH53/flickr


Date: May. 18, 2013 to May. 18, 2013

Location: Huangyaguan Great Wall, Jixian County, Tianjin

Time: on the third Saturday of May every year

Entrance Ticket: CNY 50

The Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon, confirmed by an International Marathon Association and the standard length is 42.195 kilometers. You will run on the Great Wall itself. Many people meet here and try this marathon including males and females too. It is one of the greatest monuments in your life. In 2012, more than 2000 runners stand in the marathon from over 50 nations. The Huangyaguan Great Wall marathon is divided into three parts: marathonhalf marathon and a 7.5km Fun Run.



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