Top 3 China Festivals in June

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat festival ©Andrea_44/flickr

Do you want to go to China? Are you a festival lover? This article is your travel guide. The month of June is very good for a travel, because the weather is excellent and many festivals are in the country.

The Chinese people celebrate all month of the year, but the June month festivals are very significant. Please check my article with the top 3 China Festivals in June. I hope that you will like it……



Shangri-La Horse race festival


Horse race festival

Horse race festival ©Arian Zwegels/flickr


Celebrated: Jun. 12, 2013 to Jun. 12, 2013

Location: Yunnan

The Shangri-La horse festival is one of the most significant festivals in China and the most solemn traditional festival for Shangri-La. The horse festival is a national competition and an event of folk activities. The festival takes place in the Fengshan Horse Racing field.

During the festival many program entertaining the tourists and they can seen yak racing and ox-drawn bars which are very rare. The performers are not only local people, but also from other countries:  Kangmang, Xiangcheng, Litang, Batang, Derong and Daocheng. The visitors can see the horse racing which is very entertaining.


Yantai International Wine Festival



Grapes ©tribp/flickr


Celebrated: Jun. 04, 2013 to Jun. 06, 2013

Location: Shandong

Theme:Brands, Culture, Cooperation


The wine industry over the world are excellent, but Yantai is successfully held International Wine Festival since 2007. More than 30 regions and countries and over 200,000 people have attended the festival. This festival is the most representative festival in China and it strengthening the communication between other countries. Yantai is the largest professional wine exhibition in modern China.

The tourists can taste the various wines and can enjoy many professional activities such as: Wine City Tour, Home-brewed Wine Competition, Australian Wine-tasting Promotion, Wine Calligraphy and Painting Competition and Exhibition and Wine-tasting and Flair Bartending Performance and Lectures on Wine Knowledge.

China Yoeyang Dragon Boat Festival


Yoeyang Dragon Boat Festival

Yoeyang Dragon Boat Festival ©Andrea_44/flickr


Celebrated: Jun. 2013

Location: Hunan


Yoeyang located in the northeast Hunan Province and it is a cultural city with 2,500 years history.  Lueyang we are also known as the city of the Dragon boat and it is a famous destination that dates back to ancient China.

Every year the festival attracts more than 20 dragon boat from the USA, Australia, Canada. This Chinese traditional competition held on the fifth day of the fifth month around the South Lake, Hunan Province. You can taste their local festival foods, making zongzi competition and other exciting program.


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