Top 3 China Festivals in July

China International Beer Festival

China International Beer Festival ©SoniaT 360/flickr

The month of July is the best festival time in China. You absolutely not to be missed these festivals, because it is a good experience. The Chinese festivals are eye-catching not only for Chinese people, but the visitors as well. I collect the top 3 China festivals in July.

Please look at all festivals celebrated this month. The first which I want to present is the Beijing International Beer Festival, the second is the International Automobile Exhibition and the last but not the least is the Yao Nationality Longsheng Red Clothes Festival. I hope that you will like it…:)


Beijing International Beer Festival

China International Beer Festival

China International Beer Festival ©SoniaT 360/flickr

Celebrated: Jul. 17, 2013 to Aug. 15, 2013

Location: Beijing

Venue: Xiedao , Chaoyang District, Beijing (北京朝阳区蟹岛)

How to get there: Take bus No. 668, No.640, or No. 641


The Beijing International Beer Festival is the best place for the beer lovers. The carnival is famous for its beer from in Schottenhamel, kinds of shows, Germany waitresses and architectures in Bavarian style which makes this festival an exotic atmosphere.

The visitors can buy various souvenirs, T-shirts and mascots. The most populous activity is the drinking beer competition, but there are others: ceremony of the International Beer Festival and Photography Competition. It is a good experience and I suggest you. So save your money and let’s go!


China Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition



BMW ©jarapet/flickr

Celebrated: Jun. 05, 2013 to Jul. 07, 2013

Location: in Guangzhou


The annual Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition is one of the most professional festival in China as well as in the world. This famous carnival shows the travelers that how develop the Chinese auto market. In 2013, the festival will be held at Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center. It is over 160,000 square meters.

On this festival the tourists can see the various famous auto brands as Ni, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and BMW. The whole automobile exhibition into four sections: auto related product area, the passenger vehicle area, the auto accessory area and the business vehicle area. The aim of this festival to show the technology, tools and service.


Yao Nationality Longsheng Red Clothes Festival


China Tour Longsheng

China Tour Longsheng ©Ben Burkland/Carolyn Cook/flickr

Celebrated: Jul. 2013

Location: in Guilin


The Yao Nationality Longsheng Red Clothes Festival has a long history which started the period of the Yuan Dynasty. It is a special carnival for the Yao-nationality people and they held on the fifteenth day of March in the Chinese calendar. The Yao people dressing their special and red clothes.

There are many exciting activities such as: singing in antiphonal style,  dance, bamboo batting and playing Muye, which is a musical instrument made with leaves. The festival developing the tourism in Guilin. It has open a window for the local community outside the world.

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