Top 3 China Festival in November

Miao woman

Miao woman ©gill_penny/flickr

November is also a good month for festivals. It is cold because this month is the beginning of the winter weather. The South and Central China can be an ideal time to travel. Why it is the best month to travel to China?

The first reason, because, in November you can see and enjoy the autumn colors, the second, China’s top attractions are less crowded and after the October holidays, many restaurants, flights and hotel are cheaper. I collect the top 3 China festivals in November and I hope that you will like it…..



New Year Festival of Miao Ethnic People

Miao woman

Miao woman ©gill_penney/flickr

Date: November 17th

Location: Kaili in Guizhou Province

Activites: Bull fighting, horseracing and singing and dancing


The New Year Festival of the Miao nationality is a boisterous festival and held by the Miao ethnic people in Kaili. The Miao ethnic people celebrating the New Year festival on a different month: 9th month of the lunar year for the 1st month. Before the festival, they eat a very bumper dinner and they finished  the farm working and starting the pleasure.

The Miao ethnic people prepare pigs and sheep with rice wine and sweet wine. In 2009, the festival was very famous and ranked the 2nd national-level intangible cultural heritage protection list. The main activities there: singing competition, dancing Lusheng, rod-climbing, bull fighting, shooting, killing pigs, birds fighting and making making glutinous rice crust.


Xiamen International Tea Fair

Chinese tea

Chinese tea ©is.summer.breeze/flickr


Celebrated: Nov. 05, 2013 to Nov. 08, 2013

Location: Xiamen

China is a land of the tea and has a thousand of years of history of making tea. The visitors can taste all kinds of tea. It is a dream world for the tea lovers.

It is extend of the entertainment, medicine and culture. You can find there many tea markets. The aim of this festival to develop the tourism and the tea business as well.


HSBC Champions

Golf Player

Golf Player ©gordonplant/flickr


Celebrated: Oct. 28, 2013 to Nov. 03, 2013

Time: Oct. 31-Nov. 4

Venue: Sheshan International Golf Club, Shanghai, China. (2013)

Location: Shanghai

How to get there:get a free bus from Qinghu Station (Longhua Line, Shenzhen Metro)


The HSBC Champions is a world-level event which sponsored by HSBC. It is a men’s golf tournament festival which it draws the top golfers’ names in the sport such as: Luke Donald, Ian Poulter or Phil Mickelson. The final World Golf Championship of the season was the well watched sport event in China. So, it is the best place for the golf lovers and golf fans around the world can’t miss it too.

The main features are the world-level tournament, the top golf stars are in the field and it makes a co-sanctioned event on the European and Asian tours. You can buy tickets there: the Standard Ticket consists of 4 categories: 200 RMB, The Family Ticket includes 4 price level: 300 RMB and if you buy a ticket in advance from Aug 31 to Oct 7, you will get 10% off at the price.

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