Top 3 China Festival in April

Walking festival

Walking Festival in China ©jeremi/flickr

A rich cultural meaning, the traditional Chinese festivals are an important role in the Chinese culture and a long history background. April is the best month to travel to China because the spring scenery and the warm temperature.

The air is cleaner and fresher in this period. In April are many spectacular festivals which become more entertaining. I listed the top 3 China Festival in April. Most of these festivals take place on famous dates in the Chinese calendar. I hope that you will like it and you will visit with one of them…

1. Hainan International Coconut Festival


Coconut ©SingChan/flickr


Hainan was known as Coconut Island and this festival is very important in peoples life. The aim of this festival to develop the tourism and the trade.

Date: during the first 10 days of April

Places: Tongshi city, Haikou city, Wenchang country and Sanya City (Hainan Province)

The coconut is a symbol of Hainan Province and it is one of the most visited festival in China. The Hainan International Coconut Festival is a home of many colorful activities. In the Wenchang Country, fresh coconut is prepared and the visitors can taste it. In the Haikou city, one street shows many amazing coconut lamps.


2. Luoyang Peony Fair


peony by cwwycoff1

Peony ©cwwycoff1/flickr


Date: from April 15 to 25

The Peony Fair Festival takes place in Luoyang City, Henan Province, China.

Luoyang city is famous for the various peonies. There are over 610 varieties of peony and the Chinese people planting over 1.500 years. Compared this peonies with other peonies, these are famous for its size and the varieties. The Luoyang Peonies are very huge in size and very colorful. In the festival, the traveler can admire the beautiful peony parks.

The photos and paintings make the festival more excited and more beautiful. The peony sea is an amazing view of the visitors and during the festival hundred’s of people travel to China because they want to celebrate.

3. Fujian Mazu Festival


Fujian ©gill_penne/flickr


Date: 23rd of the third lunar month and 9th of the ninth lunar month

The Mazu Festival takes place on Meizhou Island, Putian, Fujian Province, China.

During the Mazu Festival the people commemorate Mazu. Mazu was born in the Song Dynasty period from 960 to 1279. The people believe that Mazu bring good luck. After her death, the people built a temple for Mazu and they show their respect. Mazu’s birthday is in 23rd April and many people celebrated this day.

Every year, in front of the Mazu Temple hundred’s of people celebrate and gratitude to her. During the festival time, folk songs and people dancing on the street. The travelers can taste the Fujian dishes.

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