The weirdest attractions in China

Zhangjiajie, photo by TheKMF

Each country in the world has its eccentric attractions, and China is no different, especially considering its huge size. A first time traveler to China will have their hands full with iconic sights like the Great Wall or the Terracotta Army, but once you’ve visited the major attractions you are still left with countless places that range from interesting and funny to the strange. But as it is the case with most bizarre attractions, the stranger they are, the more travelers they tend to attract. If you like your tourist attractions to be as unusual as possible, check out some of the weirdest attractions in China.

 Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

If you’ve seen the movie Avatar and you’ve marveled at the magnificent floating mountains that the laws of physics would make impossible on out planet, you can at least visit the mountain range that inspired them. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is filled with huge pillars of stone which from the right angle look exactly like the floating mountains in the movie. The mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and they are the center of tourism in the area.

Underwater Great Wall

Fengdu Ghost City, photo by Jack Zalium

Few people know that a tiny fraction of the Great Wall of China is actually submerged in water. A part of the wall in Xifenghu in currently underwater, in a large reservoir, but that doesn’t mean that it is lost forever for tourists. For a small fee, you can scuba dive to the bottom of the reservoir and see the ancient walls in a completely different way, lulled by the blue-green water.

Fengdu Ghost City

Each culture has a different vision of hell, and none of them are pleasant. If you ever wanted to see the Chinese version of hell, you can just visit Fengdu Ghost City, built as a model of hell. Thankfully, the inhabitants of this sculpture park are silent and unmoving, but so intricately carved that you can’t help but shudder at some of the ghosts and monsters exhibited in a strangely peaceful and green garden-like ambiance.

Ordos City, Inner Mongolia

The wealthy coal mining town of Ordos is known for its extravagance civic projects, of which Kangbashi district is the strangest. This whole district with lovely residential areas, high rise office buildings, a huge public library and a museum with a striking design is nearly empty. A million people were expected to live in Kangbashi by 2010, but just take a drive through the district and the most you’ll see is a few maintenance workers. Kangbashi is probably the newest and most modern ghost city in the world.


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