The top 6 restaurants in Harbin


Harbin ©Prince Roy/flickr

Harbin is the largest city in China’s northeast region. Harbin words meaning “a place for drying fishing nets”. Harbin is famous for its  ice sculptures in winter and was declared the “city of music” and “ice city”. But, it is also famous for its restaurants. I recommended you the best restaurants in Harbin and I hope that you will like it and you will visit with one of them….



Dongfang Jiaozi Wang (orient King Of Dumplings)

The Taste of Harbin Dumpling House

The Taste of Harbin Dumpling House ©Prince Roy/flickr

It is a food with restaurants in Harbin. It is the most popular local restaurant. It is contains delicious soup and thin pastry shell. The prices are reasonable. The taste, the color and smell of the dishes are wonderful.


Shangzhi Branch

Address: 168 Shangzhi Avenue

Tel: 84849111



Central Avenue Branch

Address: 51 Central Avenue

Tel: 84855111



Fendou Branch

Address: 340 Guogeli Avenue, Nangang District

Tel: 84629666


Sofia Branch

Address: 60 Zhaolin Street, Daoli District

Tel: 87685577


Baishicheng Garden Restaurant


Address: 251 Huayuan Street, Nangang District

Tel: 0451-5360 3666, 5360 5558

In the Baishicheng Garden Restaurant, the dishes are home style dishes. It is mainly served Southeast China dishes. I recommended you the guobao meat, braised tofu with mustard. The average price is 48 yuan/person.


Qizi Douwei Restaurant


Address:182 South Fourteenth Street, Daowai District

Tel: 0415-8264 5888

Transportation: 7, 54, 61, 64, 73 or 87, and get off at Taigi Fourteenth Street

Opening hours: 10:30am–21pm

The Qizi Douwei Restaurant mainly serves Southeast China style dishes. The top 3 dishes are Huoche Tou, roe tofu and fried stinky tofu.


Lufu Lou Grand Hotel


Address:248 Zhongshan Road, Xiangfang District

Tel: 0451-8262 3818


The Lufu Lou Grand Hotel is the oldest grand hotel in Harbin and it serves Shangdong cuisine. The decoration is simple, not modern. The best dishes are Jiuzhuan pig’s large intestines, spiced beef, sweet and sour fried shrimp and meat, Liushuang Duan, Pig’s intestines braised in red sauce and pork balls in gravy sauce. The average price is 55 yuan/person.


Xiao Kunlun


Address: 58 Daan Street, Daoli District

Tel: 0451-8469 3073

Transportation: Take bus 2 or 113 and get off at Tongjiang Street

Average price per person: 34 yuan


Xiao Kulun is an old restaurant which serve Yuanlong Paigu, beef cooked with persimmon  and  ribs steamed in a basket.

The other dishes are also very delicious. The average price is 34 yuan/person.



Huangcheng Old Mum

hotpot buffet

Tel: 0451-8460 8888, 8207 5555


13, 55 or 202,

89 or 121

Opening hours: 10am–11pm

Address: 140 Dacheng Street, Nangang District


The Huancheng Old Mum is a hotpot restaurant. The three highlights are beef, Hua Xia and Lao Ma Hong. The average price is 110 yuan/person. I think that it is one of the most prominent restaurant is Harbin.


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