The Top 10 Chinese Attractions

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Visiting China is quite a challenge, being such an enormous country with a diverse culture and colorful landmarks to see. Each and every corner of the country has something new, something different to offer. However, among all these sites worth visiting here are the top 10 Chinese attractions which you should definitely not miss. If you can cover them at once, you’ll have the holiday of your life! Of course, this is just a taste of what such a colorful and amazing country can offer, but these are some sights that have to be on the top of your list if you travel to China. Check out other articles to get to know the country of dragons better.

Forbidden City

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In the heart of Beijing one of the world’s most amazing palace complexes can be found, namely the Forbidden City. This place is the symbol of the past Chinese dynasties, its name invoking secrets and intrigue of the flashy lives of Chinese emperors. It has been called the ‘the forbidden city’, because a common mortal had no right to enter its gates. Not only the sight of the place is breathtaking, but the sheer number of various historical artifacts, treasures and collections that can be found there too. The complex is surrounded by gardens which now serve as parks, among them the Jingshan at North and the Zhongnanhai at West are the most notable.

Tienanmen Square

In the vicinity of the Forbidden City is the Tiananmen Square, which is also known as the Heavenly Piece Sqaure. It is the world’s largest square, with a great significance in Chinese culture and is a major landmark for tourists.

Summer Palace

Also in Beijing, a couple of miles NE from the center, the grounds of the famous Summer Palace can be visited. The Imperial Gardens that surrounds the palace is what makes this landmark a unique attraction.

Great Wall

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The most famous attraction that has become a unique icon of the dragon country is the Great Wall of China, which covers at least 6400 km in the northern part of the country. It is said to be the longest structure in the world, ever built by man and though some parts of the wall are so deteriorated that there is no access there, on other points of the wall one can arrange hiking or sightseeing tours. The Wall is also listed among the world’s seven greatest wonders, so a visit to this amazing place is definitely a must, no matter how long you are planning on staying in the country.

Terracotta Warriors

The most famous attraction of Xi’an is definitely its Terracotta Warriors which originally guarded the tomb of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi. Each of the 7000 warriors looks real, their features being unique in that they were modeled after real-life soldiers.

Potala Palace

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In the Red hills of Lhasa, Tibet, the traditional residence of the Dalai Lama, the Potala Palace is located. The origin of the name is sanskrit, and it represents the sacred dwelling place of the ‘all-seeing-eye’, the patron god of Tibet. It is believed that the holy Dalai Lama is the worldly embodiment of the god. The enormous building-complex is regarded the symbol of Tibetan historical heritage and religion and serves today as a museum and a pilgrimage site. You have to arrive really early in order to get inside the palace, due to its enormous popularity. In any case, the site is not to be missed, especially if you’re exploring the sacred country of Tibet.

Silk Road

Among the natural landmarks fo the country, the Silk Road should be mentioned, being the major trading route between the Mediterranean and the China. Unique and breathtaking scenery, natural wonders and historical places can be visited here.

Yangtze River

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As the largest water system in China, the Yangtze River has a lot to offer to visitor. Flowing through various parts of the country, unmistakable sights, breathtaking natural landscapes, not to mention cities, the most notable being Shanghai at its firth, can be seen along its way. Many cruises and tours can be arranged along the water system to see and explore the popular and also the less known regions of the country. There is a saying about the river, that says ‘Who hasn’t made a voyage up the Yangzte hasn’t seen anything of the world’.

Li River

Known as the second major water system in terms of attractions is the Li River in Guangxi Province, which offers opportunities to experience the more traditional and rural areas of the China.

West Lake

The favorite retreat of imperial families, the West Lake offers not only a calming experience but a sight worthy of beauty and harmony. With the surrounding grounds, the lake resembles a traditional Chinese garden, though on a much larger scale.

If you can’t cover all of the top 10 Chinese attractions during your short vacation, do go back and visit the remaining landmarks, because they are more than worth it.


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