The best Vegetarian Restaurants in Xian

Vegetarian Sweet and sour pineapple delight

Vegetarian Sweet and sour pineapple delight ©Geoff Peters/flickr

It is not easy to find a vegetarian restaurant in Xian. There are many various vegetarian houses, including the Daxingshan Temple Vegetarian Restaurant and Tianlong Baoyan Vegetarian Restaurant which are the most widely.

Vegan restaurants in the city health food stores, directory of organic and guide to healthy dining. The Buddhist theme is also present all vegan restaurant. If you want to try the vegetarian foods in China, check my article and choose one of the restaurants in Xian…


Tianlong Baoyan Vegetarian Restaurant


Salad Heather ©McLaughlin/flickr

Specialties: Bouilli, Boiled Fish
Average cost: About CNY50-60/person
Location: 1, West Cien Lu, Yanta District
Bus routes: Take bus 24, 237, 27, 527, 610, 19, 21, 224, 30, 400, 41, 500, 521, 601, 619 or 715


It is one of the best restaurants in Xian. The restaurant is close to the Goose Pagoda, so after your eating, you can visit it. The most recommended dishes are aulic vegetarian, common vegetarian,  temple’s vegetarian and so on.

The whole building is decorated in a modern style. Inside, the floor is red, there are pictures on the wall about the Tang Dynasty. It is comfortable and the staff are friendly. There serve dinner at the evening.



Su Xiang Zhai of Daxingshan Temple

Vegetable Salat

Vegetable Salat ©WordRidden/flickr

Specialties: Sautéed sausage with snow peas, beefsteak
Average cost: About CNY30/person
Location: Inside Daxingshan Temple, 55, Xingshan West Street, Yanta District
Bus routes: You can tale bus 722, 106, 14, 18, 204, 24, 321, 400, 716 or 721


The restaurant is located in Daxingshan Temple, which is famous about Buddhism. The vegetarian food is pure and delicious. You can relax here and enjoy the various dishes. It is a good place for a vegetarian dinner.

Note: the restaurant may be under construction



Delhi Darbar Restaurant

 Indian Vegetarian Food

Indian Vegetarian Food ©Jennifer/flickr

Location: 3 Huan Ta West Road Da Tang tong Yi Fang

Tel: 029-85255157

Cuisine: Lacto, Indian, Non-veg

Opening Hours: Open Mon-Sun until 11pm.

The menu is vegetarian, but they serve meat as well. The various foods are Indian dishes. The staff can speak in English and the English menu available.



He Xiang Vegetarian Restaurant

Sancho's tortilla soup

Sancho’s tortilla soup ©Neeta Lind/flickr

Average cost: About CNY50/person
Location: 14, Yantaxi Lu, Yanta District
Bus routes: You can take bus 19, 21, 224, 22, 30, 400, 44, 500, 521, 601, 701 or 715


The restaurant is serve green healthy food. The atmosphere is natural and they accept credit card. The most recommended dishes are tortilla and soup, seasonal desserts and savory course meals. The drinks are very good, they serve various Chinese teas. If you are a vegetarian people, you can’t miss it. So, save your money and let’s go!

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