The best restaurants in Yangshuo

Yangshuo, photo by Hector Garcia

Yangshuo is a small town, but it is also very compact, so no traveler in search of thrills in the middle of the beautiful karts landscape can say that their needs are not met. There is plenty of accommodation to choose from in Yangshuo, lots of fun activities for you to do, places to buy souvenirs, and of course, to eat. The hordes of hungry travelers just returning from a mountain biking trip or a rock climbing expedition can get an energy boots and fill their stomachs with delicious Chinese food. Bars, restaurants and small eateries offer the choice between traditional cuisine, western food or fast food, and bar snacks. Here are some of the best restaurants in Yangshuo.

Karst Cafe

If you want some hearty Western-style food that will taste like home then you can head to the relaxed Karst Cafe, which is said to offer the best pizza in Yangshuo. Their creation of bacon and blue cheese is certainly something to write home about, and the breakfast is downright monumental: it is called the Full Monty and it is the largest breakfast in town – it will give you energy for whatever you have planned for the day!

Pure Lotus Restaurant, Magnolia Hotel

photo by Maria Ly

For some upscale dining you should head to the Pure Lotus vegetarian restaurant at the Magnolia Hotel, which serves mouth-watering dishes made with locally grown ingredients. Many of the dishes on the menu are unique recipes, and they not only look appetizing, but are delicious as well. Try the crispy lion’s head vegetarian balls, the mapo tofu or the tofu skin with vegetables.

Cafe China

This rooftop cafe is one of the most popular hangouts in town, and it doubles as one of the best restaurants in Yangshuo. Some of the specialties on the menu include fish cooked in beer and spices, and Li River snails stuffed with pork, as well as other traditional dishes. The cafe tends to be crowded most of the time, seeing as it is the favorite diving option of many Western package tours, so book a table just in case.

Cloud 9

photo by chinaoffseason on Flickr

For top quality Chinese cuisine visit Cloud 9, which is one of the favorite restaurants of the locals – always a good indication of which restaurants are worth dining at. No other restaurant makes a better Yangshuo beer-cooked fish, or Sichuan-style hotpot. If you fall in love with the dishes (which you probably will) you can take the cooking classes offered by the restaurant and learn to cook any of the dishes on the menu.

Kelly’s Cafe

Yangshuo counts quite a few expats among its residents, and many of them seem to favor Kelly’s Cafe, on a little street just behind the crowded West Street. Kelly’s might be small, but it is anything but forgettable, and all the dishes will leave you craving for more. The sweet and sour chicken it amazing, as is the sour tofu, and for desert you must absolutely order a serving of pancakes – they are mouth-watering!

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