The best restaurants in Shanghai

Fish Restaurant

Spicy fish restaurant ©Augapfel/flickr

Are you hungry for the best Chinese food? Do you want to eat in a good restaurant but it is too hard to choose from so many? It is the general question when we are in abroad. Many tourists want to taste Chinese food but they don’t know which restaurant is the best for it or which one is cheap or expensive.

I want to present the most famous restaurants in Shanghai where the view is fantastic and the food is good. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Shanghai, let me know in the comment section if you managed to visit one!


Hai Di Lao Hotpot-In Shanghai


hot pot restaurant

Chinese Hotpot ©Lachlan Hardy/flickr


Hai Di Lao Hotpot  is – naturally – one of the best restaurants in Shanghai because the view is fantastic with very delicious hot pot. The environment is nice, clean and the staff all courteous and friendly. In the restaurant the service is incredible, even waiting is fun because they offer different types of entertainment: chess table, there is a room to use the computers for games and emails or spa for nails. This restaurant is famous for the fresh meat and tasty fish balls but if you want to eat noodle a waiter comes and makes it in front of your table.

The food is pretty expensive but the juice is for free and when you finish eating they give you free gum. If you want to visit the address is: 6F, 588 Zhangyang Road, Shanghai; phone number is: 021-38713936 (in December 2012).


Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet



lobster with seaweed ©jacob&corrie/flickr


The Ultraviolet is a new  restaurant in Shanghai by the famous chef Paul Pairet. Paul Pairet is a French chef and naturally at home in European and Frenchcuisines. This memorable place is different from the others because the walls come alive because of amazing images, the atmosphere is gorgeous and the video, audio settings change with every dish. The individual dishes are excellent with amazing, professional waiters. If you want to visit at this restaurant you must make a reservation on Ultraviolet’s website, because there are only 10 seats per night!

The costs are RMB 2,000 per person for the dinner so save up some money and give it a try! It is an incredible food experience. The address is: Guang Fu Road, Shanghai 200070 and the phone number is: 021-61425198 (again, in December 2012).


Xiao Yang Sheng Jian



The best Xiao ©Gabriel.ssw/flickr


It is a good restaurant for families with children to try local cuisine. This restaurant is a bit busy but comfortable and it’s quite affordable. The best dishes are: fish ball soup, xiao and the meat because it is freshly cooked. The service is fast but keep in mind that they don’t serve drinks, just coffee.

It opens at 10 am and the address is: No.54 -60 Wujiang Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, phone : 021-62676025 (valid in December 2012).

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