The Best Places for Families in Chengdu

Happy Valley In Chengdu

Happy Valley In Chengdu ©Roller Coaster Philosophy/flickr

Do you want to travel to China with your family? I suggest you the Chengdu city for your tours. Traveling with your family to China is a wonderful and memorable experience for the visitors. I collect the best places for families in Chengdu where the children can play and explore.

The first place which I recommended you and your family is the amusement parks. The second is the Chengdu Zoo, where your family can enjoy the rare animals and the nature.


Amusement Parks

Happy Valley in Chengdu Roller Coaster Philosophy/flickr

Happy Valley in Chengdu ©Roller Coaster Philosophy/flickr

  • Happy Valley16 Huaxi Dadao
  • FloralandWenjiang District, Tianxianglu Section


Location: No.16 Huaxi Avenue, Jinniu District, Chengdu 610036, China

Service: First Aid Services, Baby carriage rental, wheelchair rental


Happy Valley in Chengdu Roller Coaster Philosophy

Happy Valley in Chengdu ©Roller Coaster Philosophy/flickr


The amusement parks are the best place for children. In the city are many amusement parks, which are very entertaining for the parents too. The most famous is the Happy Valley park. This park is a good place for the adults, there are big roller caster rides and fun rides for the kids. The park is a good experience for dining with exquisite food. The best time to visit is on spring and summer time, because the weather is good and the air is warm. The entrance fee is 130 RMB and the student ticket is 105 RMB. The visitors can eat and drink here. It’s awesome.


The Floraland amusement park has been opened since 2005. There are magic shows and paradise which symbolize different countries such as Spain, Germany, Japan, Belgium and Italy. It is a Disneyland style park, is smaller but there are large attractions. The park is famous its natural beauty: canals, lakes, flora and lands inside. The entrance ticket is free, all attractions must pay inside from 5 to 15 yuan.


Chengdu Zoo

Chengdu Zoo

Chengdu Zoo ©Prince Roy/flickr

Admission fee: RMB 16/person

Opening hours: 08:00~18:00
Transportation: you can take the bus No. 9, 18 or bus. No. 1, 302, 49

The Chengdu Zoo is the biggest zoo in China. The zoo is located 18 hectares, with 250 various animals which living in houses. It is very famous its natural beauty, trees and flowers. There are more than 3000 animals but the most popular is the giant panda.

Chengdu Zoo

Chengdu Zoo ©Prince Roy/flickr

Chengdu zoo is one of the most successful breeder of pandas and the tourist have arrived from different countries all over the world. The pandas and bamboo are the most viewers in the zoo. The pandas live there as in the nature, they can laze in the panda hall. Ten panda lives in the zoo, in their good home. Except the pandas, there are over 20 rare animals which pull the visitors. 



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