The Best Pizzerias in Wuhan


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The English people think that the Chinese dishes are not only interesting but is pretty fantastic. The secret that the chefs in China can coordinate vegetables, various spices and meats into dishes. The foreign visitors want to taste home foods in their tours such as delicious pizzas.

Wuhan is home for many gorgeous pizzerias and PMS- PMS is sausage, pepperoni and mushroom. So, I collect the top3 pizzerias in Wuhan, where you can taste delicious pizzas. I hope that you will visit with one of them…




Giano’s Pizzeria

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut ©Javier Aroche/flickr

Add: Building #1, 1st floor SBI, Optical Valley Innovation Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Tel: 027 8717 0013

Opening hours: Sun-Thu, 17:30-23:00; Fri-Sat, 17:30-24:00

Prices: Pizza is generally 50-70 RMB


This Italian pizzeria were opened in 2004, its owner a pretty lady named Jane Feng. There are the best pizzas in the city because :

1. the prices are very good: Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, Ginao’s are 50 to 70 RMB

2.  you can choose up to 5 toppings from a list of meats

The Giano pizza is a huge pizza with blue cheese, Parmesan cheese or smoked salmon. Another good point that their pizza is how it’s prepared. The chef uses a brick oven. The pizza is crisp and tastes incredible.


Old School Pizza


Gnocchi-Spinat-Tomate-Champignon-Pfanne ©seelensturm/flickr

Add: 46 Bayi Lu, Wuchang District (five minute walk from Wuhan University’s main gate), Wuhan


The Old Pizza is open in 2009 and the reputation always growing. There the menu are limited and they serve subs and Gnocchi. The staff is very friendly. The atmosphere is also clean and excellent.

The Old School Pizza is busy on weekdays, because it is full with student from the university. I recommended you that if possible, you visit it on weekends when the place is empty and you can eat a pizza peacefully. So, save your money and let’s go!


Café Brussels- Pizzeria

pizza hut salmon wasabi slice

pizza hut salmon wasabi slice ©goodiesfirst/flickr

Add: 183 Shengli Jie, Wuhan

Tel: 027 8277 4716

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 14:00-02:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-02:00

Price: 50-100 RMB/dish, 20-50 RMB/beer


The Cafe Brussels located in the Hankou area, Wuhan. It is more expensive than the other pizzerias on my list and they serve international cuisine and imported beers. You can watch the TV during your breakfast/lunch which show your  place to go to drink, eat and fight.


So, if you are a pizza lover, I can recommend you these places where you can eat freshly baked pizza in local pizzerias. The visitor can enjoy the various menus, so go get some pizza!

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