The best lakes for enjoying fishing in China

Fish dnyluong

Fish ©dnyluong/flickr

Do you like fishing? Do you want to enjoy catching fish? I collect you the top lakes to go fishing and watch the amazing scenery.

I hope that you will like my article and you will visit with one of them….



Nanbei Lake

Biking Along the Levee in Zhejiang

Biking Along the Levee in Zhejiang ©Christopher/flickr


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Nanbei Lake fee and opening hours


The Nanbei Lake located Zhejiang province in southeastern China. It is famous about its attractiveness and uniqueness. The Nanbei Lake is the sister of the West Lake. The lake is close to Shanghai, so after the fishing the visitor can go to the city and relax or just hang out.

The natural beauty of the lake attract of the tourists. The lake is a combination of ponds, hills, yards, caves and lakes. The environment is very good and the scenery is fantastic. Thousand of people visit the lake to enjoy the hills, the wise the water and the heroes the sea.



Wild Duck Lake

Wild Duck Lake

Wild Duck Lake ©Public Domain Photoes/flickr


The Wild Duck Lake is located northwest of Beijing. It is a huge area of 6,873 hectares. The wild ducks migrants in winter to the north in spring, because the environment is well kept.

There are more than 264 kinds of birds, big swans and  bustard. This makes the lake an ideal place for fishing and watch birds. It is known as ‘Wigeon Lake Swamp Nature Reserve”.


Mulan Lake

Mulan Lake

Mulan Lake ©puuikibeach/flickr


Mulan Lake is located in the Mulan Town and is next to the mountain-Mulan Mountain (60 km away). It is a typical sightseeing for the tourists.

The water quality is fine and clear. The boat racing on the lake is very fun, swimming and fishing are very cool indeed. Standing on the Mulan pavilion the visitors have a whole view of the spectacular lake.


Woniu Lake 

Woniu Lake

Woniu Lake ©Bruce Tuten/flickr


Woniu Lake is located in Heihe City. In the winter covered ice tousands of miles. During this period the tourists can skiing. This is the best place for fishing because the summer is cool, with 24 centigrade degree.

You can feel the Russian atmosphere because it is near Blagovieshensk of Russia. The lake is an unpolluted place with clear air and water. Around the lake are many trees, dense forests and meandering mountains. It is amazing. This place is very pleasant, without noise and busy traffic. So if you want to relax and fishing let’s go!

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