The Best Disneyland Parks in China


Disneyland in Hong Kong©Jerine/flickr

Well, Disneyland is the greatest place ever. The main aspects are the characters, shops, rides and shows but there are others. It is a very special place for children or their parents. You can hug your favourite cartoon character Mickey Mouse, Goofy and all of his friends. I think it is a euphoric experience to meet the stars.

Disneyland is the best choice for your trip because is the happiest place on earth. I collect the best Disneyland cities in China. This entertainment industry is the most famous tourist destinations for the young or older people. So save your money and have fun!



   Disneyland in Shanghai

Shanghai Disneyland kevgibbo/flickr

Shanghai’s Disneyland ©kevgibbo/flickr


The Shanghai Disney Resort was built by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It was the first Disneyland in China. Disneyland is the best place where family and friends can be together in a fantasy world. When you enter the gate your dreams came true. Shanghai Disneyland is famous for happiness where the guests of all ages will be exciting. In the center of the park is an interactive castle: Enchanted Storybook Castle. It is the largest castle in the park. In Disneyland are 2 themed hotels, a lake and many venues for shopping and dining.

The Shanghai’s Disneyland travel is connected with the nature and enjoy memorable moments. You can shop and dining but just in outside of the park. You can plan to spend a day in the park and can enjoy the various fun activities. You can go by bus, there is a special line to Disneyland. The main address is Chuansha Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The entrance fee is depending for the ages, it is cheaper for the kids. A day ticket is not too expensive.


Disneyland in Hong Kong


Disneyland in Hong Kong ©Roller Coaster Philosophy/flickr

Hong Kong Disneyland is located in Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island. The park opened on 12 September 2005. The park consists of 6 themed areas: Toy Story Land, Main Street, Fantasyland, U.S.A, Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch and Tomorrowland. The park members speak in English so the conversation is no problem. The entrance fee is acceptable.

1-Day Ticket is :

  • aged 12-64: $399
  • aged 3-11:$285
  • aged 65 or above: $100

You can buy a 2-day ticket:

  • aged 12-64:$499
  • aged 3-11:$355
  • aged 65 or above:$170

Disneyland has contained many entertainments and shows which are more attractive for the visitors but especially for the young adults. One of the most significant events at Disneyland is the Disney’s Haunted Halloween, when the Magic Kingdom themed park shows blood attractions with the Disney characters. Well, if you want to see your favourite character in the other part, the Halloween season is the best time to travel there. Have fun!



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