The best beaches in China

Beihai Silver Beach ©Dayou_X/flickr

If you are planning to travel to China and you would like to spend a wonderful vacation at the beach, you can visit one of  the best beaches in China. The amazing palm trees, the sand and the sea are an exotic view for the tourists. You can walk around or you just sit and relax, but if you are a snappy person you can do a lot of fun things there: beach volleyball, building a sandcastle, swimming and scuba-diving. Enjoy yourself!

The best beaches are Beihai Silver Beach, Yalong Bay and Gulangyu  Beach. 

Gulangyu Beach – “Garden in the sea”

Gulangyu Beach

Gulangyu Beach ©Jack Parkinson Pics/flickr

The Gulangyu Beach is located in Southeast China and stands opposite to Xiamen City across the sea. It is a tourist magnet because it is away from pollution, noise and it’s  famous for  the various foods and subtropical gardens.

Gulangyu Island has many nicknames: “garden on the Sea”, “island on piano” and “hometown of music”. There are approximately 200 pianos on this island as it gives home to the only piano museum in China. The Gulangyu Beach has many amazing hotels but the colonial houses provide a much more pleasing sight.


Yalong Bay – The Oriental Hawaii

Yalong Bay Beach

Yalong Bay Beach ©wangxinyuan0424/flickr

The Yalong Bay Beach is the third best tropical beach in the world which is located in Southeast of Sanya City, Hainan Province. The scenery is amazing with the mountains, crystal sea water, white sand and lush green plants.

With the average temperature a pleasant 25.5°C, you can enjoy yourself in the fresh air and sunshine. On the beach you will find deluxe nightclubs, cigar bars, bars where there you can dance the night away.


Beihai Silver Beach-In Beihai City

Beihai Crystal Beach

Beihai Silver Beach ©Dayou_X/flickr

Beihai Silver Beach is located in the Southern part of Guanxi Region, in China and over 6 kilometers from downtown Beihai. The Silver Beach is safe for the tourists because there are no sharks. It is the No. 1 beach in the area because the air is good, the average temperature  is 23.7°C, the water is warm and clean and the seaside is long.

If you would like to travel to the Silver Beach, the best travel time is from April to October when the sunshine is good and the breeze is gentle. Many tourists like to swim there because the dark blue ocean is clean and the visitors can see clearly even two meters underwater.

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