Harbin Top 2 Tours in 2013 winter

Snow train near Harbin

Snow train near Harbin ©Rincewind42/Flickr

Harbin is famous for the Harbin Ice Festival, but is also famous for its amazing scenery. There are many attractions and places you should not miss, such as Sun Island Scenic Resort, St. Sofia Church, Dragon Tower and others.

But if you would like something more organized, there are some unforgettable 3 or 4 day long tours, where you will see the best of what Harbin can offer. So see some of the the best tours in China and when you can, visit one of them – or both if you can and you want.

Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Day 1 : Arrival in Harbin for your 4 days long Ice Festival Tour.

Your travel guide will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel. The ice and snow festival is one of the most famous festivals in winter season. The ice sculptures are fantastic. The visitors can enjoy various ice and snow sport, like one of the best international ski resorts in Yabuli, near to the city center.

Day 2: Getting around in the city and at the Festival

On the second day you can visit the the Dragon Tower and the Ice Lantern in Zhaolin Park and St. Sofia Orthodox Church. Lunch and breakfast are also included into the tour package.

Harbin Ice Festival

At Harbin Ice Festival ©nina.bruja/Flickr

St. Sophia is the largest church in the East with its 721 square meters. It is located in the city center with a new name: Harbin Construction Arts Gallery. It is one of the most famous European architectural complexes. Dragon Tower is a Tv tower and famous for its colorful ice sculptures. The theme of the 2013 Harbin Ice and Snow World welcomes the 24th Winter Universiade’.

Day 3. You will visit the  the Siberian Tiger Park, Centre Street and the Grand World of Snow.

The Sun Island is the best places to see the amazing ice and snow sculptures in December. There are six sport resort to the travelers.

Day 4. On the last day you will have breakfast and then go to the airport to fly back home.

Skiing Experience Tour

On the first day, you will arrive to Harbin city center which is really close to the airport. You can visit the Tiger Park, Sun Island and you can taste the Chinese cuisine in the restaurants.

On the second morning, you can travel to Yabuli, where can try the ski sport. You can rent skiing clothes and equipment there. Besides skiing, you can go pubs, eat fast food and buy souvenirs in the shops. The visitor can see the Totem Forest on the Sanguokui Mountain.

Snow train near Harbin

Snow train near Harbin ©Rincewind42/Flickr

On the third day, after breakfast, your guide will travel with you to Xuexiang – the Snow Town. Anyone can make a snowman and can have snowball fights if you want the party to go wild. You can visit Snow Sculptures for CNY20 and in the evening, join the campfire party, which is really tons of fun.

On the fourth day you travel back to Harbin and that is where the tour ends.

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