Great Places in China for Spring Photography

Kuerdening Valley  ©George Lu/flickr

Kuerdening Valley ©George Lu/flickr

The spring is coming….China’s spring is awesome. The best time to visit to China is from February to May. The spring is a great time to capture throughout the country and visiting the most spectacular tourist destinations. The aim of this article to know the great places in China for spring photography. The weather is fine and the natural beauty is a good view from your  camera. It is the best period for the festivals where the visitors can learn about the Chinese culture.

I attached the top three best places where the visitors can take the best photos ever…..


 Kuerdening Valley

Kuerdening Valley

Kuerdening Valley ©George Lu/flickr


China’s Kuedening Valley is one of the most beautiful natural sceneries on earth. The Kuerdening Valley is a great scenic spot and spring resort. The spring flowers are amazing and the views are gorgeous.

It is the best place for the painters and photographers. The most beautiful landscapes in the valley are Hecang Pass, Hecang canyon waterfall and Tike Kala Duoyi Forest.  The forest is rich for animals, various exotic flowers and green trees.


Peony in Luoyang



Peony Flower ©cwwycoff1/flickr


The Luoyang ancient city is located in Henan Province, in central China. Luoyang is famous for its historical background, ancient buildings and for its natural beauty. The peony is a traditional Chinese flower with many colors: red, pink,white, green, purple, yellow, black and blue. The best time to take photos for peony is around April 15th-25th, which is the date the Luoyang Peony Festival.

The Luoyang National Peony Garden is one of the oldest national gardens which is divided two parts: the North and South Garden. There are over 1200 varieties of the huge flower. The entrance fee is:

40 yuan/person from April 1st to 8th

55 yuan/person from April 9th to April 25st

40 yuan/person from April 26th to May 5th

Danba, A Hidden Valley on the Extending Chengdu Tour



Danba ©by rduta/flickr


Danba is a small country in the east Ganzi Tibet Prefecture. It is the most exotic travel destinations in China with many amazing views. Danba is very famous for the photographers because there are many gorgeous hillsides with colorful wild flowers and high mountains capped with snow.

You can take photos about the Tibetan people, houses or farmers. The best time to visit is from February to April. Danba is also famous for the beautiful watchtower groups and Tibetan villages. The entrance fees are between 15 and 30 yuan.


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