China’s Top Three Cliff Paths

Changkong Cliff

Changkong Cliff ©tfkt12/flickr

Do you want to see natural landscapes with cliffs? Your dream come true with the six cliff paths. Walking these paths, you can see “hanging” coffins, enjoy the natural landscape and challenge yourself at the same time.

I collect the China’s top three cliff paths, if you plan to pay a visit or if you are interested in them please check my article. The first which I want to present you is the Changkong Cliff Path on Mount Hua……

1. Changkong Cliff Path on Mount Hua: the Most Challenging Cliff Path with Magnificent Scenery

Looking down from northern peak of mount Hua

Looking down from northern peak of mount Hua ©tfkt12/flickr


Location: Huaiyin City,Shaanxi Province

The Mount Hua or flower mountain is one of the five sacred Taoist mountains in China. Mount Hua boats a lot of religious sites: pavilions, Taoist temples and engraved scriptures are scattered over the mountain.

The Changkong Wooden Cliff Path which was built by a Taoist in the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368). The tourists must to rent a safety harness (30 yuan) before negotiating the path, because it is a security measure.

Huashan Scenic Area consists of four parts: Xian Valley,  Xiyue Temple, Mount Hua and Yuquan Monastery. The ticket is 180 yuan which is valid for 2 days (48 hours). There are many cable cars and you can use for the travel the whole scenic area. The landscape is magnificent and phenomenal.

2. Guigu Cliff Path on Tianmen Mountain: Look Down Through the Toughened Glass Path

Guigu Cliff Path on Tianmen Mountain

Guigu Cliff Path on Tianmen Mountain ©


Location: Zhangjiajie Profecture, Hunan Province 


The path in the Tianmenshan National Forest Park is an average altitude of 1,400 meters and 1,600 meters long. Guigu Cliff Path was built among cliffs.

The tourists can enjoy the walk on a 160-meter hanging bridge linking two cliffs where they can see the steep mountains and the glass underfoot. Here your heart is agitated by the extreme stimulation and shock. It is an adventurous experience.


3. Path on Sanqing Mount: Scenic Area, Near the Yellow Mountains

Path on Sanqing Mount

Path on Sanqing Mount ©tyler_haglund/flickr


Location: Yushan County, Shangrao Prefecture, Jiangxi Province

Opening hours: 07:30~18:30

Admission fee: RMB 130/person


Sanqing Mount Scenic Spot Area consists of 10 scenic spots and the most popular are the Nanqing Garden, Sanqing Palace, the West Seashore and Yujing Peak. There are many breathtaking walls of crazy pinnacles, needles and towers.

The Sanqing Mountain is a fairyland far from bustle of city life. With beautiful clouds, fog and mist make it more mystical. Walking on the path is an exciting experience with the one side the cliffs rise sheer above you and the other side a deep valley falls below you.


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