China’s Most Beautiful Lakes

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake at sunset ©Hanumann/flickr

China is abundant with deserts, rivers, caves, lakes, grassland, forests, glaciers, fall, wetland and mountains. This list is very long and it is impossible to visit all of them in your lifetime. I collect the China’s most beautiful lakes trying to give you a helpful direction for your tour on a China map.

Many of these China’s lake developed for tourism. This article introduced the best four lakes of China and unspoiled landscapes will not fail to impress you! I hope that you will like it and you will visit with one of them…

1.West Lake

West Lake

West Lake ©Yoshi/flickr


Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Area: 6.5 square kilometers

Best Travel Time: May – October


The West Lake is at the center of Hangzhou and is 3.3km long from north to south and 2.8km wide from east to west. It was listed as the world cultural heritage in 2011. The lake is located within the city, it is close to people and easily accessible.

The West Lake is famous for its pavilions and elegant bridges. These were inspired many authors and writers for centuries. Marco Polo described Hangzhou as the most delightful city in the world.


2. Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake ©Mulligan Stu/flickr


Location: Northwest of Dali City, Yunnan Province


The Erhai lake is between the Dali Dams and the mountains in Yunnan Province. When you are floating in a boat on Erhai Lake, you can enjoy the amazing scenery, you can feel yourself calm and it will enchant just like the lake itself.

Erhai Lake has nine curves,  three islets, five lakes and  four sandbars, and it is fascinating with the scenery the “Wind, Flower, Snow, and Moon”.



3. Qinghai Lake


Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake ©B_cool/flickr


Location: Qinghai Lake Basin, Northeast of Qinghai Province

Best Travel Time: May – August

Ticket: 230 RMB which is valid for 3 days

Qiunghai is a saline lake and is the largest lake in China. It is situated in Xining, Quinghai Province in 3,205 m above sea level in a depression in the Tibetan province of Amdo. Because its salinity, the lake is an abundance of edible carp, fish and aquatic creatures.

If you want to see the bird season, the best time to visit is in August and in September, the traveler can see the flowering of the rape flower fields which is an amazing view and you can’t miss it!

Woman with yak at Qinghai Lake

Woman with yak at Qinghai Lake ©B_cool/flickr


4. Namsto Lake

Lake Namtso

Lake Namtso ©Gusjer/flickr

Tickets: 45 RMB*

Area: 1,961.5 square meters; 4,720 meters above sea level

Location: In the middle of Tibet Autonomous Region

Best Travel Time: June – September


The Lake is the Tibetan’s person’s natural sight and it is known as “heavenly lake”. The Namsto Lake is located between Bange Counties and Damxung. It is the highest altitude lake in the world. The lake is an abundance of animals and the deep blue water is full of various fish.

Around the lake are many grazing of animals, grazing for wild yaks, wild rabbits, mountain goats and various birds. If you visit in the lake, you are lucky to see a fish jumping out of the water and hear the Tibetan people songs through the valley.




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