China’s Best Cities for Air Quality


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Beijing and Xi’an are the most polluted haze weather during the autumn and winter, which has caused tourists to cancel their travel tours to China.

Chinese wanderer would like to show you the China’s best cities for air quality where you can enjoy the amazing view of landscapes and the fresh air. These cities are the best choice to visit for asthma’s people….




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Sanya is the best air quality city in China and average temperature stays at 25.4°C. Sanya is famous for its clear air, abundant sunshine and its nickname is “natural oxygen bar”. It is ranked the No1. in China and the No.2 in the world of air quality by the World Environmental Protection Organization. The travelers can enjoy more than 300 sunny days in a year and the high-quality air is very good for health, because it contains negative ions.


Sanya is the most popular destinations this winter, because many cities in China are experiencing fog due to air pollution. There is a large original tropical rain forest, which makes the air fresher. Sanya Bay, the Yalong Bay and Dandong Sea are the most recommended attractions for brilliant sunshine, fresh and clean air, blue seas and clean sands.


2.Kunming, Yunnan Province


Kunming ©inyuco/flickr

Kunming is the largest and the capital city of Yunnan Province. The climate is very good, the summers are long, warm and the winters are short, dry and cool. The Kunming’s air quality is the third in China’s 34 provincial capitals released by Friends of Nature, a Chinese green group.

Kunming is plenty of colorful flower blossoms year round. There are many great places for the photographers such as: Yuanyang Rice Terraces, the Stone Forest and Dongchuan Red Land. Kunming is the most recommended capital center for the domestic and foreign tourists as well.

3.Lhasa, Tibet

Lhasa, Tibet

Lhasa, Tibet ©Greg Walters/flickr


Tibet is the a place of pure religious hearts and high-quality air conditions, including its capital city-Lhasa. It is the best place to breathe fresh air every day in your China tours. The tourists can enjoy the pleasant cool air in summer and warm sunshine in winter.

By the end of 2000 had closed 15 factories, heavily polluting cement plants and in this way it is becoming the best air and water quality by Chinese standards. The best time to travel in Lhasa, China is in winter and early summer from June to October.




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