Cheap Flights to Hong Kong

Cheap flights to Hong Kong

According to the searches of the travelers, the cheapest flight to Hong Kong came across within the last twelve months was $758. It is a flight found on Expedia, operated by United Airlines. However, the cheapest flight to the city that was ever found is a Air China flight discovered on vayama for $745 r/t. Usually July to August, early January and February, the off season is cheap enough for a vacation, but it is less eventful at that time. April to June, September to December and late January however, while there is the peak season is more eventful but more pricey.

City information about Hong Kong

The city has got 1 airport that is called Hong Kong International. Altogether 81 airlines have flights to and from the city, airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express Airways and China Eastern Airlines. The airlines connect the city with a total number of 114 airports in the country and beyond.

Useful information regarding Hong Kong and the flights going there

  • The longest flight landing in the city is 8,061 miles (12,973 km) long with the plane starting from New York.
  • The city is in the GMT+8 time zone, as a result, depending on your departure location, you could experience jet-lag.
  • Hong Kong International, the airport serving the city, is located about 16.53 miles away from the city center.
  • Currently some 7.013 million people live in Hong Kong, China.
  • The shortest route connects the city with Guangzhou – the flight is only 73 miles long.

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