Cheap Flights from Durham to Shanghai

Cheap flights from Durham to Shanghai

The average price of a flight from Durham to Shanghai is $2,082. Also you could get about 14 thousand award miles for a flight like this. A flight from Durham to Shanghai is around $2,630 trough low season whereas it goes up to $2,083 at the time of high season. You might want to know that the best rate found for the same route was $594, this was a American Airlines flight discovered by our visitors on However the cheapest airfare discovered in the last twelve months is also good, only $880 round-trip for a American Airlines flight found for December 2012 on Faregeek.

The ideal time to fly from Durham to Shanghai

The most popular period is during May and September to November in Shanghai so airline tickets will most likely become truly pricey around that time. If you are looking for more affordable prices, it is smart if you fly during December to February, over off season, because at that time airlines tickets are usually more advantageous. We believe that normally the right period to travel to the city from Durham is between the two, during March to April and June to August.

Helpful info about cheap flights from Durham to Shanghai

  • The longest potential flight distance between Durham and Shanghai is precisely 9,072 miles.
  • The longest flight leaving Shanghai is arriving to Gulyang and it is 11,476 miles (18,468 km) long.
  • The medium distance for a flight between Durham and Shanghai is 6,978 miles (11,230 kilometers) so you can count on a general 24 hours and 4 minutes trip.
  • Durham is linked to 37 distinct airports altogether.
  • Shanghai is served by 2 airports, these are Shainghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport.