Cheap Flights from Chicago to Shanghai

Cheap flights from Chicago to Shanghai

The average price of a flight from Chicago to Shanghai is around $2,031. For a CHI-SHA airfare travelers may obtain an average 14 thousand frequent flyer miles. A flight from Chicago to Shanghai costs circa $1,911 at the time of off season while it rises to $2,131 in peak season. Good to know that the best rate found for this route is $761, this was a Continental Airlines flight discovered by travelers on Faregeek. But the cheapest airfare discovered in the past year is also good, as little as $790 r/t for a Frontier Airlines flight found for April 2013 on FlightHub.

When to fly from Chicago to Shanghai

Peak season is during May and September to November in Shanghai consequently airline tickets will probably be very expensive in that period with prices rising as high as $2,131. Provided that you would ever be searching for budget prices, we recommend you start out in December to February, over off season, as than rates are usually more advantageous. We think that normally the right period to go to the city from Chicago is between seasons, during March to April and June to August.

Helpful advice about cheap flights from Chicago to Shanghai

  • The longest flight landing in Hongqiao International Airport is 11,476 miles long and it takes off in Guiyang Longdongbao International, Gulyang.
  • The longest possible flight distance between Chicago and Shanghai is precisely 9,874 miles.
  • Note that Shanghai can be found right in the Asia/Shanghai time zone.
  • The medium distance for a flight between Chicago and Shanghai is 7,595 miles (12,224 kilometers) so you can count on a general 21 hours and 2 minutes trip.
  • The main airport in the city, Hongqiao International Airport, is located some 8 miles away from the city center.