Best Summer Activities in Wuhan


Wuhan city ©toehk/flickr

Wuhan is famous for its long summers and the best options for activities are water amusement parks and visiting mountainous scenic spots. You can enjoy the city and the sun as well. I collect the top summer places in Wuhan. The amusement parks are the best choice for the family travelers, the scenic spots are good places for school trips and others. Wuhan is one of the best choices for relaxing, enjoy the nature, learn about Chinese culture and habits. The first which I want to present is the Happy Valley … I hope that you will like my article…


Happy Valley

Wakko Warner vs. Mickey Mouse

Wakko Warner vs. Mickey Mouse ©JD Hancock/flickr

Price: 160 RMB (day ticket); 80 RMB (night ticket, starting 18:00)
Opening hours: 9:00-21:00 on weekdays, 9:00-22:00 on weekends and holidays.

 Address: Donghu Tourism Resort, Wuhan, China


The Happy Valley is a huge amusement park with an area 350,000 square metres and divided into eight parts: the Ecological Paradise, Dream Boulevard, Happy River City, Cartoon Factory (for the kids), Hurricane Bay, Happy Hour, Yue Kong Island Paradise and Fast World. The amusement park offers 20 themed games, 30 rides and attractions, 10 performing boutiques and 40 eco-cultural landscapes.


Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park

Roller Coaster in China

Roller Coaster in China ©Joao Maximo/flickr

There are two of the best things: fishing and Maya Beach. There, you can buy the world’s largest interactive kiosk. Opening in July and can try the water roller coaster. The park contains a family amusement theme section, hot tubs and spas and adult and children’s pools. The traveler can swim there, relaxing and covering the Wuhan’s beauty.


Lu Mountain 


The Lu Mountain scenic spot is nearly 302 kilometres and the largest one being 1472 metres above sea level. You can enjoy the Lushan Botanical Garden, which won awards for its beauty and size. Lushan is composed of  22 different rock shapes, 20 valleys, 22 waterfalls and 16 caves. One of the largest waterfalls in the area is the Sandiequan Falls, which drop 155 metres. The nature lovers should not miss.

Happy World of Global Village


Address: Jushan Street, Caidian District, Wuhan 430070, China

Tel: 027-84933408


Happy World of Global Village is a very good a place for teenagers and children as well. There are many activities such as roller coaster, animal show etc, It seems that the Happy World is shabby and needs maintenance, but very good for summer activities. The most exciting activities are the animal show, with monkeys and pulling dogs and the park for children.


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