Best romantic places in China

Romantic places

Romantic city ©snap, snap/flickr

China is the world biggest honeymoon destination where the couples can discover the most beautiful and the best romantic places. When you are in love you want to rekindle your romance an unforgettable place. This romantic trip in China is important as a destination where you can create the best memories in your lifetime. If you want to make a surprise to your jubilee, China is the best choice for it.


I attached a list with the top 3 breathtaking romantic places. I think that you will like it and you will visit with one of them….


Shangri-La- a real life fairytale


Romantic Places

Shangri-La ©shanzz/flickr


Shangri-La: the name also symbolizes the romantic visions of the mountain place, which is a mythical land. The gateway for visitors into Tibet is close to the Tibetian Region. Shangri-la is the best chance to visit because it is near to the Napa Lake, Ganden Sumstseling Monastery, Haba Village and Pudacou National Park. SHANGRI-LA is located over six hour drive from Lijiang. Lijiang is an ancient town with many charming wooden buildings.

If you will be hungry there are three excellent restaurants and near the restaurants are many Cafe bars: Potala Cafe, Tibet Cafe and Stupa Book Cafe. However, if you want something special, go on Banyan Tree-organized Highland Romance horseback excursion where you can dine on the bank  of the Shudugang River. A Valentin’s Day spends in Shangri-La will be most memorable.


Sanya- Hainan Island


Sanya Island

Sanya ©Bruce Tuten/flickr


Sanya is the southern part of Hainan Island and one of the best beaches in China. It is the most suitable place with many attractions: the Edge of Heaven, Tianyahaijiao and Corner of the Sea. Indeed, the best romantic places are in the nature where you can feel yourself very well.

You will see the white sand, you can visit the Buddhist Temple and the various tropical gardens where there are the rare Macaque monkeys. There are a lot of luxury hotels, but the best one is the Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa which is near to the private beach with great ocean views.


The Hyatt on the Bund

Hyatt on the Bund

Hyatt on the Bund ©Alberto Carrasco Casado/flickr


The Hyatt is the best way to view the Lujiazui skyline across the river from the Bund’s terrace. You can stay in the Peace Hotel which is the most beautiful Bund building. On the Hyatt’s 31st  floor is the Vue Bar where you can relax in the Jacuzzi.

The Vue Bar is very romantic with the excellent wine list and  romantic nature. There are the one of the most famous restaurants -Jean Georges, Laris and Whampoa Club- where you can taste the various Chinese foods.

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