Best Places to Travel in Early Summer

Lavender Field

Lavender Field ©Tatiana12/flickr

Why travel in early summer? Because it is the best time to visit to China from May to June. The weather is warm but not hot. During this period the hotels are cheaper and the entrance fees are lower than the other time.

Many tourist destinations are more beautiful in summer because the natural scenery with the green color is a breathtaking view. I collect the best places to travel in early summer in China. I hope that you will like my article and you will visit with one of them…

1. A Purple Sea of Lavender in Yili, Xinjiang


Lavender Field

Lavender Field ©Tatiana12/flickr


The Lavender fields are located in Yili Valley, Yining city. The end May and early June is the best period to visit this amazing purple flower field. The farmers harvest the flowers from May and they would be finished around June 20. Yili Valley is famous for the lavender fields, graceful mountains, lakes and rivers.

The Lavenders opens when the wind blow, you can smell its fragrance. It is the best place to visit in early summer for Lavender’s lovers. This purple flowers are one of the most popular herbs and the lavender tea -in my opinion- is the best tea ever.

The Yulong River, Yangshuo, Guilin


Yulong River

Yulong River, Yangshou ©Toehk/flickr


Yulong River also called the small Li River is located in Yangshou. With the 43 kilometers long, the Luyong river is one of the most spectacular rivers in China. The best time to visit is in early summer because you can feel that you are closer to nature. The Yulong river scenic view is famous for the tourists because the bamboos, the green water and the graceful hills are a fantastic experience.

The price is 240 yuan for an entire route and 150 yuan for a half route. There are many natural spots should not to be missed are the Rhinoceros Pool, Big Banyan, Lion Hill, Dragon Pool and Butterfly Spring. Enjoy yourself!


Longji Rice Terraces, Longsheng, Guilin



Longsheng Rice Terraces©j0055/flickr


The Longsheng Rice Terraces are located in Longsheng City, about 2 hours drive from Guilin. The Longsheng terrace areas are famous about the many rice fields on the mountain. Longji or Dragon Bones receive their name because the rice field resembles a dragon’s scale which looks like the bone of the dragon.

They are the most beautiful in the early June and if you want to see it the best time is in the early morning when the sunrise on the summit and the weather is fine. It is the best view for the photographers to take a photo when the terraces reflected in the lights.

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