Best Places to Take Kids in Wuhan


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Spending time with the family is the best thing ever and important. Wuhan is one of the best destinations for family and kids. There are many attractions for children and their parents as well.

I collect the top places for kids in Wuhan. It can be a good experience when the kids seeing the various animals and they can feed them. I hope that you will like it and you will visit with your family and let’s fun!….


Wuhan Zoo


Lions ©cheetah100/flickr

Admission fee: RMB 20/person
Opening hours: 07:00~19:00
bus No. 42, 79, 412, 582, 711, 808 or trolley bus No. 7 and get off at the terminus.


The Wuhan Zoo is the best place for your family tour. Taking the kids to the zoo is a good experience. It is magical to watch their face when they see lions, tigers and bears. It is the eighth largest zoo in China with 80 hectares. There are hundreds of animals and it has also a lake with a small island.

The kids can see animals sleeping their cages and lions jumping through flaming hoops. The most famous animal is the nationally famous (kung fu) panda. The tourists can see the flower garden, one of China’s largest swan lakes and the panda building. It is fun, kids can feed the animals such as various kinds of deer, ostriches, camels and emus. The best time to visit is on the morning or weekends. After watching the animals, the visitor can admire the nature and garden landscape with 20 hectares.



 Forest Park in East Lake Eco-Tourism Scenic Area

bumper cars

Bumper cars ©Micah Sitting/flickr

Add: Luoyan Lu, Wuchang District, Wuhan
Opening hours: 5:30-19:00 (24 hours for public areas )
Getting there: Take bus No. 108, 402, 411, 534, 537, 573, 605 or 810 to Liyuan


The Forest Park is located on the eastern outskirts of Wuhan with 713-hectare park. It has some historical merit and has over 50 million visitors every year. It is famous about its beautiful scenery, natural wetlands, pine forest and mountains.

Not only the scenery attracts for the tourists, but you can enjoy the BBQ with the family. There are a small amusement park, with  roller coaster, place to playfully to kill each other with laser guns, bumper cars and racing. Another attraction is the Monkey Mountain, where the kids can see hundreds of monkeys and they can feed them.



 Wuhan Polar Ocean World

Dolphin show

Dolphin show ©justthatgoodguyjim/flickr

Add: Intersection of Hankou Third Ring Road and Hongtu Dadao, Wuhan
Getting there: Wuhan Polar Ocean World is located at the Panlongcheng Exit of the 3rd Ring Road, East Xihu District. Passengers can take buses No. 291, 296, 216, 563 or shuttle buses (open soon) to get there

The Wuhan Polar Ocean World is one of the newest attractions in Wuhan. It covers 300,000 square metres. This park is famous about its polar animals: penguins, fur seals, polar bears,  sea lions, walruses and other arctic animals.

There are amazing  daily dolphin shows which are very interesting and fun. The dolphins are imported from the United States. The kids can see various fish, sharks and turtles. It is the best place for turtle lovers because there is a Turtle Museum. The Wuhan Polar Ocean World is a fantastic place worth visiting. The entrance fee is 150 RMB per person.



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