Amazing biking trails in China

Guilin, photo by Steve Cadman

Unless you are endowed with superhuman strength, stamina and lots of time, exploring China on a bike is an almost impossible task. But if you are a cycling enthusiast who is visiting China, you will not have to abandon your wheels during your stay. Bikes are not only a great and affordable way to see large cities like Shanghai or Beijing, but also the perfect means of transport for short incursions into the lovely Chinese countryside. You can take day trips that will let you escape the city for a time, or weeklong biking tours that will overwhelm you with natural beauty, it’s all up to you. Here are some of the most amazing biking trials in China, for those in need of some healthy exercise coupled with sightseeing.


You certainly don’t need a car to get around Yangshuo, seeing how small it is, and even a bike can seem like overkill. However, having or renting a bike when in Yangshuo is a brilliant idea, because what makes this town species is the surrounding karst landscape. Bike along the banks of River Li, stop in the small villages along the way for a bite or some tea, or organize bike trips to the various landmarks in the neighborhood.


Yangshuo. photo by taylorandyumi on Flickr

Guilin in Guangxi Province is one of the most famous tourist destinations in China, and it is well known for its unusual karst formations and the way in which city architecture blends with natural landmarks to create an inimitable whole. In addition to the spectacular karst mountains around Guilin, the town is also famous for its traditional rice terraces. Predictably enough, the best way to see all these natural marvels is by pedaling along the narrow roads.

West Lake, Hangzhou

The beauty of West Lake in Hangshou has been sung by poets and immortalized by painters, Marco Polo called it the finest city in the world, and at one time, it was quite possibly the biggest city in the world. And now, besides all these qualities, it is also home to excellent biking trails around the legendary West Lake.


Huanglongxi, photo by Drnantu

If you happen to be in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, you’ll definitely want to rent a bike and cycle to Huanglongxi, an ancient town with many old buildings that were restored in traditional fashion. Bike through the busy streets of Chengdu and slowly transition back to the China of the past, with cobbled streets, small shops selling souvenirs or traditional medicine.

Thousand Island Lake

Thousand Island lake is artificial, but you would hardly notice it – it is rife with natural beauty! The lake is so large that it would take days to loop around it, but you can take shorter tours on the shores and admire the islands (there are actually more than a thousand).

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