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Who are we?

Our editorial team consists of a bunch of experienced travelers who love everything Chinese and who want to share their findings of this beautiful land with everyone. Our mission is to contribute with a comprehensive summary each journeyer might need prior to traveling to China, thus including travel guides, travel tips, visa info, safety advice, what to do and must-see sights all around China.

Furthermore, Chinese Wanderer is a considerable resource for trip planning too. We are ready to help one booking their Chinese holiday by collecting last minute flight+hotel packages, cheap hotel rates and discounted airfares to the most visited places in China. Aside from our enthusiasm for China, we also obtained nearly a decade long experience in the US travel business making part of the Wanderer Guides Network of travel blogs.

What can you find here?

Besides the general and conventional themes of this region, like art and culture, adventure, budget and family travel as well as nature and outdoor activities in the most visited cities of China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xi’an, Yangshuo)┬áChinese Wanderer attempts to comprehend those unexposed topics too, like the weirdest attractions of the country, the best biking trails and the most unusual dishes one can find in China. Check out our travel posts to catch up on what are the most popular seasonal events, where are the most fascinating historical sights and read about art and culture versus shopping travel in China.

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Any ideas and feedback are important for us. Tell us how should we make better our site by reaching out via editor(AT)wandererguides(DOT)com. Feel free to contact us with partnership requests, guest posts, contests and advertising requests or anything you can think of.

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