A Guide to Wuhan’s Museums

Wuhan City

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The best feeling when you see the kids with their face pressed against the relics. Visiting one museum in Wuhan is a great adventure and experience. The kids can learn about the Chinese history and culture as well. Wuhan city is a home of various museums, from normal, history museum of erotica museums. These museums are very interesting. The aim of this article to collect the best museums in Wuhan. If you want to visit one, read the details….




Hubei Provincial Museum


Jade ©basykes/flickr

Add: 156 Donghu Lu, Wuchang District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8679 4127
Price: Free, chime bell performance 20 RMB
Opening hours: Tues-Sun, 09:00-17:00; Closed on Mondays
Getting there: Take bus 14, 108, 402, 411, 552, 578, 701, 709 and get off at Sheng Bo Wu Guan (Provincial Museum); Take bus 605, 709, 712 and get off at Huangli Road Station


The  Hubei Provincial Museum located near the amazing East Lake, Wuhan. In the province, it is the only provincial museum. The museum was built in 1953. The Hubei Provincial Museum contains more than 200,000 relics on display, which are attracted for the tourists from all over the world. There are many jade, bronze vessels, ancient musical instruments, ancient weapons and various porcelains.

It is diveded in three parts:

1.the Chime Bell Exhibition Hall

2. the Chu Culture Exhibition ( Period 770 BC – 476 BC)

3. the Comprehensive Exhibition building


The busiest section is the Chime Ball Exhibition Hall, where the visitor can see an array of artifacts taken from the Yi tomb, from the Warring States Period (476 BC – 221 BC). The most incredible relics in the museum are the bronze bells. These are amazing and colossal. Every 15 minutes, the visitors can hear musical instruments which takes a Bronze Age-style concert feeling.



The National Stone Museum


Stones ©rkramer62/flickr

Add: 61 Cuiwei Lu, Hanyang District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8476 7057, 027 8484 5919
Price: 10 RMB
Opening hours: 09:00-17:00
Getting there: Take bus 401, 580 to Guiyuan Temple


The National Stone Museum  located in Hanyang District, Wuhan. It was built in 1993. The National Stone Museum contains more than 1,300 stones from all over China. The most famous stones are Taihu, Yingde, Lingbi and Yuha. The English travelers can’t understand the difference between the stones, but the travel guide will tell everything about it.

The National Stone Museum is one of the largest crystal Museum in China, so you must visit it. There are important stones which symbolize historical events. There are sections which contains stones that formed animals and people. The English tourists can admire the various stones and learn about the Chinese culture and history as well.


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