5 great family travel destinations in China

photo by kevinpoh/flickr

China is a wonderful place to discover on your own, when you have all the time in the world and few responsibilities, with only a pack on your back and a map in your pocket. However, despite the fact that this huge country is a great destination for holidays made up on the go, it also lends itself for carefully planned holidays with children. Parents who want to bring their kids along on their trip to China won’t have to worry about finding attractions and destinations that will keep the boredom away for the little ones. Here are 5 family-friendly travel destinations in China, but there are many more of them just waiting to be discovered!


The historical city of Xi’an might not be the first choice of many parents who are wary of temper tantrums, but if your kids are on the older side or if they are interested and curious about tales involving exciting battles, soldiers and heros, then they will most definitely love the Terracotta Army, the most famous tourist gem of Xi’an. Younger kids have other activities set out for them: riding a bike on the old city walls, browsing for souvenirs at the many markets, and seeing musical fountains.

Yangtze River

Guilin, photo by Klobetime on Flickr

Taking a cruise down Yangtze River will definitely be great fun for the grown ups, but it’s easy to make things interesting for kids as well. The landscape on the river banks is beautiful all the way, the little villages you might encounter on the way are sure to kindle the curiosity of children, and activities like sailing on peapod rafts are sure to entertain the whole family.


The capital of Sichuan province is one of the best places to see panda bears, and any child or adult who loves animals will have the time of their life while visiting this city. Chengdu Panda Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is the largest facility of this type in the world, and has about sixty panda bears, as well as several red pandas and a colony of cranes. You can see the pandas up close, and there’s also a museum and a small cinema screening documentaries about pandas.


Leshan, photo by Bernt Rostad

The picture perfect view of Guilin and its unique karst formations are very difficult to dislike, and even kids who don’t usually like nature outings will marvel at the strange mountains at Guilin. But city kids will not have to deal exclusively with natural environments, because the town of Guilin is scenic and offers a wide variety of activities for all ages.


Mentioning that you will be visiting the largest Buddha statue in the world is bound to make your kids curious and eager to visit Leshan, World heritage Site famous for its huge Buddha figure carved from the side of a rock. The 71 meter tall statue is surrounded by scores of smaller carvings, and there are other nearby natural attractions that make great family travel destinations in China.

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