3 Best Hiking Trails in China

Great Wall

Great Wall ©Pedronet/flickr

China ancient culture keeps attracting nature and outdoor lovers to explore. China is not easy to explore but possible. China offers variety of hiking routes for example the Tibet hiking with an altitude of over 4.000 metres. It is a good thing for the tourist to see and experience. They are able to explore the China’s most beautiful places: amazing lakes and rivers, mountains and historical and cultural heritage. I collect the 3 best hiking trails in China so, let’s go and explore the natural beauty of Asia…


The Great Wall

Great Wall

Great Wall, China ©Pedronet/flickr


The Great Wall is the greatest tourist sight around the world. It is a longest wall and one of the most magnificent ancient architecture. The wall is a great scenery but there are many amazing mountains.

It listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China and “the New Seven Wonders of the World”. The hiking sections are: Gubeikou to Jinshanling, Mutianyu to Jinshaling and Jinshaling to Simatai. These are the most popular but there are others, because the Great Wall stretching across eight provinces of North China.


The Yellow Mounatains


Mt. Yellow ©Chi King/flickr


Location: Anhui Province, Eastern China

The Yellow mount is one of the most marvelous scenery in China and it listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1991. It is the world five most reputation unique place with the legendary pines, winter snows, oddly-shaped rocks, hot springs and phantasmagoric sea of clouds.

The most popular activities are the hiking around and nearby are many ancient villages which are good hiking destinations. The traveler can enjoy the sunset and sunrise and hot springs. The visitor can use telphers or cars. There are routes from the main south gate to the mountaintop hotels: the Yungu (Cloud Valley) Telpher route and the Yuping (Jade Screen).


Li River and Yangshuo Countryside

Guilin China

Li River and Guilin Countryside ©kanjiroushi/flickr


The best time to visit: April to October

The Li river cruise is the most popular activity in China, from Guilin to Yangshou. Guilin is one of the most populous destinations around the world because the fantastic natural landscapes and many cultural relics. The river is a world-class view together the karst landscape.

A Li River cruise is included: 6-person table seating, English-speaking guide, buffet lunch and free drinks, relaxed atmosphere and classy 120-passenger cruise boat. If you look down in the river can see rocky shoals. The visitor can get closer the local life with the hiking along the Li river. The best route takes about 5-6 hour from Yangdi.

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